TEP Blog – Quarantine Style!

Happy day… 5? 14? 36? of quarantine? Honestly who knows who can keep track of the days anymore at this point.  Regardless of what day this is for you, I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy during this weird time.

So, as I am sure you could have guessed, life in TEP is looking a little different now a days thanks to COVID-19. Due to that this blog is probably gonna look a little different than what our readers are used to! But nevertheless, we keep moving forward!

Life in quarantine has been very weird to say the least. The first couple days did not consist really of any TEP related work, so I will try and not bore you with the details of the seven netflix shows that I binged through (but if you have watched Love is Blind leave a comment I’m obsessed).

Days are obviously blurring together, and that is why I must apologize for getting my first blog up so late!! BUT as I said, life must continue even in this weird time! So I have really tried to start developing a routine. Every morning I wake up, have breakfast, get dressed and then I read. As an English teacher, I am ashamed to admit that I have not been reading nearly as much as I should have. So with all this free time on my hands I figured it’s time to start practicing what I preach!

Aside from that, I continue to be thankful for technology during all of this because I have been able to stay in contact with my Supervisors Lauren and James through facetime and calling, and I have even been able to see some of my kiddos from class through this platform Burncoat is doing called Flipgrid!

All in all, life is weird right now but I am thankful for the moments that I have had that make everything seem normal and for the moments that I have been able to smile and laugh through all of this!

Keep looking for positive moments throughout all of this TEPers! Talk soon 🙂



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