Friday – Quarantine Style

Happy Friday, TEPers! Do fridays still exist in quarantine?

I hope you all have started to settle into somewhat of a routine at this point. As we near the end of our second week since we left Holy Cross, while I still feel loads of apprehension and anxiety, I can’t help but feel sort of at ease with my new routine and schedule. I look forward to what each day brings!

For example, yesterday I got to “see” all my lovely TEP pals yesterday for our first ever virtual class on Google Meet! While it was clearly not the same as in person, seeing their faces and hearing everyone’s voice really made things feel normal again for a second.

Aside from classes becoming more of a routine, the other thing I look forward to everyday is reading! The book I am reading right now is fantastic and I can’t put it down!! And with all the sunshine we’ve been having lately, there is nothing better to do than sit outside and read!

I hope that you are all able to find some positivity in these weird crazy times, and that you are settling into a routine you enjoy!! Once again, stay safe and healthy, an talk to you guys soon 🙂


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