One Final Quarantine Blog

Hello TEPers!!

Happy Saturday!! I wanted to post one more time before I hand the reins over to Ty next week.

I know this has been a running theme behind all of my posts this week, but I hope that I have highlighted the fact that I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during these uncertain times.

This week has been very hard for me. At the beginning of the week, my family lost our dog of 9 years rather unexpectedly. Definitely not what you want to go through during such unsettling time such as quarantine. But nonetheless, I have continued to find normalcy and things that make me smile each and everyday to get me through.

Today the piece that made me smile was me finishing my 4th book in the span of a week!! No better time to crush multiple pieces of literature than quarantine! For anyone that wants to stay up to date with what I am reading, so far I have read Of Mice and Men (for my kiddos), Daisy Jones and the Six, Red White, and Royal Blue, and Little Fires Everywhere. I highly recommend all of these !!!

Other than that, I have been able to stay sane through constant conversations with my SP Lauren, and through the app Flipgrid, as Burncoat has set up a site where students and teachers alike can upload videos of them dancing, singing, or just being goofy. This has really allowed me to feel apart of the community still during a time where I am missing the classroom more than anything.

During these weird times, I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe, and that we are all finding our own light in these dark times. I look forward to continuing my routine of this week into next, seeing all of my classmates and TEP pals’ faces in class again, and finishing and starting yet another book.

Keep looking forward friends!!! I’ll be passing the baton on to Ty now. Can’t wait to hear how his weeks have been going!!

Thanks for keeping up with me this week 🙂


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