Sunday! Teacher Style

Teachers don’t lie….Sundays definitely are for prep and lesson planning;)

I started out my morning going on a nice long, relaxing run at the gym!

Then I went out to brunch to eat and get some lesson planning done of course!

Hannah, Kate and I all had productive mornings filled with coffee and lesson planning!

Afterwards I went shopping at target and could not resist all the sales on classroom supplies! Everything was color coded:)

For the most part I just worked on my plans and activities for this upcoming week and finalized the students’ exam on two-step equations for Monday (they are going to be thrilled!).

The best part of the day was a snow day being announced early for Monday!  So now a three day weekend which called for a movie night with my roommate Maya!

Legally Blonde of course!

Signing off of the blog this week, it was great catching up with you guys!  Until next time:)

Friday- Student Teaching!

Hi all! Sorry, very busy week:(

On Friday I started my day off at the gym before school!

School was great!  We just reviewed for the students’ test on equations on Monday by playing Kahoot!  Kahoot is a platform where teachers can make up questions and the students can answer them on their own computers in teams and compete against each other to get the right answer and the most points.  Great activity to get the kids engaged with a little friendly competition.

Here I am eating lunch with some of the other student teachers (Hannah and Maureen) Hannah teaches English and Maureen teaches History. We all share the same students which is so fun:)


After school I had to rest for a few hours after a long week:)  All of the Holy Cross Students (except for us teachers) were packing up and leaving as it was the start of their spring break….so lonely:(

Kate ( a math student teacher at the high school) and I had a fun yet EARLY night out. My eyes are closed in this because I was falling asleep…..;)

I’ll check in later!!



Wednesday- Student Teaching!

Hi all:)

Very long day today so currently writing from my bed even though its only 9:30 haha!

I started it out by going to the gym before school around 6:30 and then got to school around 8:30.

School was hectic today as the students “forgot how to do math over vacation”, as they say… but in all seriousness a lot of content was forgotten over break so I spent most of the day trying to gain the 2 step equation knowledge back because I am planning a unit exam for Friday…. yikes:/ haha we will get there.

On Wednesdays immediately after school I have my Teaching Practicum class at Holy Cross with our TEP adviser until 6:00.  Today in class I actually had to prepare a lesson on variables to facilitate in front of a computer simulation of students that can actually respond back and react to you! Freaky at first that the computer is conversing with you, but overall really cool experience and good practice.

This is what the simulation looked like with students!
This is the camera my lesson was being recorded live on!

Ok well that’s it for tonight, I need to sleep a lot tonight haha!

I will check in tomorrow:)

Tuesday- Student Teaching!

Hi all!!

I am taking over the blog this week and will be updating frequently on my daily activities in the life of a student teacher:)

I start all my days off by heading to the gym before work, I usually go around 6:30 (I forgot a picture, but tomorrow for sure!).

Here is a picture of my classroom at school:

I taught two-lessons today on two-step equations, as I have fully taken over two classes now! The kids had extra energy today as they just came back from February Vacation…:)


Later tonight I just spent time planning my lesson for tomorrow! 120 copies later, everything is prepped!

I will check in with you all tomorrow! Hopefully with more pics this time:)


Hey everyone!

Finally the weekend:) Today is a pretty lazy, rainy Saturday but at least I get to check in with all of you!

Last night was the Senior Ball, which is essentially a dinner and dance for the graduating seniors  held at the DCU center in Worcester.  It was a blast and a great opportunity to get dressed up(I spent all day getting ready haha) and have a good night with friends.   It was definitely special for all the seniors to be gathered in one place for an EXTRAVAGANT night before we all part ways in the spring.


It was overall a great night and I was so happy I was able to spend this night with fellow TEP seniors as well!  Please enjoy these dapper pictures of us 🙂


From left: Me, Hannah, Kat and Kate
Jailene and I 🙂
Maureen and I:)
And found my fellow SPUD people:)

Such great memories:) Thanks for hanging out with me this week!  This was such a great experience and caused me to realize the importance of taking the time to reflect on all of our daily accomplishments and experiences because we have a lot of them and its good to take a few moments to appreciate 🙂


Hi again!

Another jam packed day of activities!

I started off by going to the gym and then to all my classes for the day!

On Thursdays I volunteer at Assumption Mentoring Center in Worcester through SPUD (student planning in urban development) at Holy Cross for children ages 5-13.  We are matched 1 on 1 with a student at the beginning of the year and stick with them throughout.  Usually we help them with homework and then hangout after by playing games or participating in some fun crafts.

Driving to SPUD!
This is a super out-dated picture of me at SPUD about three years ago, but of course I forgot to take a picture today so just wanted to give you guys an idea!

After I got back from mentoring, I did some homework for awhile, ate a quick dinner by myself 🙁 and then went to a meeting for SPUD with my fellow SPUD interns!

Me and the other interns at our weekly meeting!


Another super exciting day, I know… BUT I promise my next post will be much more entertaining as all of the seniors and I have an exciting weekend coming up! Stay tuned:)


Hello again, I’m back:)

I started my day at the gym again (sorry forgot to take a picture again  :/).  And then I had a morning meeting cancelled, so I had extra time to get ready( win!!).

My day mostly consisted of a lot of homework, unfortunately just one of those days:(


Working hard with my friend Izzy in the library!

Luckily today I was able to have dinner with my roommate, Abby!  Eating alone definitely gets old.



Some good chicken and broccoli for dinner tonight featuring Abby!


To wrap up my day, I collected as many non-perishable items as I could find to add to our class backpack.  Our senior pre-practicum class visited the Nativity school of Worcester last week and we all decided to donate to their “Blessings in Backpacks” fund in which donors fill backpacks with non-perishable foods for those Nativity families in need.


Non-Perishables for Nativity!


Signing off for the night! I will check in soon:)


Hi everyone! My name is Ally, I am a senior math major in TEP and I will be taking over the blog this week (so excited :)!

I usually start off my mornings by getting up around 7am and going to the gym (sorry forgot to take a picture).  This morning was particularly hard to get motivated as I was up late last night watching the Red Sox win the World Series (yay!!!) in addition to it being a terribly gloomy, rainy Monday morning:(

Afterwards I usually head to my one class of the day, Geometry, and then it’s off to Sullivan Middle School to observe where I will be student teaching in the spring!  I observe Mr. Bousquet’s 7th grade math classes and I will be taking over a few of them next semester.

Hannah, Maureen and I at Sullivan! We are all senior TEP students student teaching at Sullivan


Today was unique because the teacher I observe had prep periods most of the time I was there so I was able to observe other teachers at the school teaching various subjects.  Specifically, I used my time to sit in on a History and English class.  It was super helpful to gain perspective across different subject areas and observe other teaching styles!

I observed Mrs. Foley’s English class (Hannah’s supervising practitioner)! She’s the best:)


After returning from Sullivan my day consisted of homework, homework and more homework…. oh and emails! Super fun, I know.

Oh and dinner!! I know it looks like a lot for one person, but if being a senior has taught me anything its meal prepping:)


I will check in with everyone again soon, stay tuned!