February Break!


It’s the weekend! And February break!! As excited as I am to have a week to sleep in past 5:30 a.m. I already miss Burncoat.

This week was a fun one though.  Thursday, we started the day with a 2 hour delay.  I never thought that waking up at 7:30 a.m. would feel so good.  My work day was filled with review sessions, and planning for after break.

After school, we had our Practicum Seminar.  This week it started with a TEP info session.  It was great to be able to share our love for TEP with some fellow HC students.  We then had a former TEP student come and talk to us about our futures as teachers, which was extremely insightful and helpful.  I ended my night with a Thursday night Fools on the Hill rehearsal, and then was immediately off to bed.

Friday was very exciting.  This week has been Spirit Week at Burncoat.  Friday was color wars, so each grade had a color: Freshman = White, Sophomores = Pink, Juniors = Blue, Seniors = Red, and Staff = Green.  The halls were decorated and the outfits were amazing.  The day ended with a Pep Rally in the gym.

Burncoat Pep Rally!

I then ended my day going to BHS’ Drama Club rehearsal.  I went as a guest and watched a run through of their play, and helped by providing some notes.  It was awesome seeing some of my students outside of class and in their element.

This weekend I am staying in Worcester, but then heading home for the week off.

Thanks for listening to my week!  I hope everyone who has February Break, has a great week off.  I’m excited to see the other TEP blog posts that are to come.

Happy Wednesday!


Wow this week has already been crazy, and we are only half way through it.

On Tuesday, I had my first observation.  I taught a lesson to my Algebra II Honors 6th period class.  The lesson was about Function Composition.  I’m not going to lie, I got pretty nervous right before it.  But, I am happy to say, that it was smooth sailing!  One observation done, many more to go.

Today was much more relaxing, with the stress of my observation gone.  As we are winding down the week and gearing towards February break, the units in each of my classes are also coming to an end as well.  Today consisted of designing many review sheets and quizzes for the end of the week.  2 more days!

After work, I came home and immediately got to correcting.

necessary mid-afternoon caffeine and some Geometry correcting

As of now, I do not mind correcting.  But get back to me in a few weeks and I’m sure I will have a very different perspective.

My day ended with me attending my roommate Grace’s performance in the Vagina Monologues.  It was such a great performance, and a wonderful way to end my night.

proud roomie!

Rumor has it, we might have a snow day or delay tomorrow.  Only time will tell!

Welcome to Burncoat!


The blog is back!  I’m so excited to be updating you on all things student teaching.

For those of you who don’t know, I am currently doing my student teaching at Burncoat High School, teaching Geometry and Algebra II.  My teacher, Heather Farrington has been so wonderful, and I have loved Burncoat so much so far.

Today was a typical Monday.  I taught two Algebra II Honors classes, and observed as Heather taught her Geometry College and Honors classes.  Below is a photo of my classroom!

My classroom!

At the end of the day, I met up with Elena and her teacher, Lauren, to chat and reflect on our day.

Lauren and Elena!

Once home, I spent a good chunk of time lesson planning and grading, before heading to my acapella rehearsal for Fools on the Hill.

Tomorrow is my observation day, so I will be back with an update on how it goes!  Talk to you soon!

Almost Break!

Hi guys!  As promised, I spent the majority of my Saturday in Dinand.  It was about as boring as it sounds.  Real Analysis tests will do that to you.  Saturday night, I let myself relax.  I got hit with quite a bit of fomo though, because my best friends from home are all back in my hometown Westwood, and spent last night together in Boston.  But in less than 24 hours I will be joining them!

I am spending another day in Dinand.  However, I treated myself to some Inhouse this morning to help me power through.

Iced coffee makes even a rainy day in Dinand better

I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving though!  Every year, my family has a Thanksgiving Eve party.  It started 15 years ago as us going out to dinner, and has turned into a party with usually 100+ people.  Then on Thursday, my family is going to our timeshare at Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont.  Apparently, the mountains open this Friday, so hopefully we will be able to get some skiing in!

Well, that’s all for this week.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Can’t wait to update next semester when Student Teaching begins.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  I think I can speak for everyone when I say, this has been quite a week.  But there is less than a week until Thanksgiving, I am so excited!  Last year, I was in Ireland for Thanksgiving, so didn’t properly celebrate.  So I am very much looking forward to eating some turkey and spending time with my family.

Today, like every Friday, I have 4 classes.  Yes, I know, a tough way to end the week.  One of my classes today was our Pre-Practicum.  It’s always so nice to meet up with the other TEPers and catch up on our Student Teaching experiences.

Pre-Prac squad!

To end the day, I have my Urban Education class.  To pass the time until then though, Elena and I got a study room in the Science Library to (try to) get some work done.

Lane and I “doing work”

This weekend, I will be studying quite a bit.  Ty, Victoria and I have a Real Analysis exam Monday morning, so while all my friends are home for break, I will be in Dinand 🙁

I will update once more this weekend!  Until then, enjoy your Friday!

Almost End of the Week!

Hello all! I’m back.  This week has been a crazy one.  Thanksgiving is approaching, and professors are trying to cram in as much as they can before break begins.

Tuesday, I started my day with observations at Burncoat, then ended with my Methods in Teaching class with Ty and Victoria.  Wednesday, I had three classes, and then took the time to catch up on schoolwork and sleep.

Today, I was able to go to Burncoat once again.  It was my first time observing Mrs. Farrington’s period 6 Honors Algebra 2 class.  I was able to help her with some grading, and meet some new students.  After that, I observed another teacher’s College Algebra 2 class, and then stayed after school to help with a math tutoring session, open to all students at Burncoat.  It was a great way to meet more of the students and teachers at the school.

Mrs. Farrington’s classroom!

Now, I am at rehearsal for Fools on the Hill as we are performing at Cool Beans at 10pm!  So close to the end of the week!  I’ll be sure to update you all this weekend.


Hello all!  My name is Carley Stebbins.  I am a senior Math major in the TEP (one of four).  I’m so excited to share my week with all of you.

Today was a typical Monday for me.  I started the day with my two math classes- Real Analysis (with fellow TEPers Ty and Victoria) and Dynamical Systems.  I then spent a few hours in the Science Library preparing for a test I have on Wednesday.

This afternoon I headed over to Burncoat High School, where I will be student teaching next semester!  I met with the head of Burncoat’s Theatre Department to discuss how I can get involved in their shows next semester.  So hopefully my blog post in 2020 will feature some work with that!

I then ended my day with my yoga class followed by rehearsal for Fools on the Hill, the acapella group I am in on campus.

“Act natural” -Mishie Macy

Our rehearsals are always fun and a good way to end a long Monday.  Also, Fools will be be performing on Thursday at Cool Beans, so don’t miss it!

That’s all for now! I have to be at Burncoat for first period tomorrow, so it will be an early morning.  Can’t wait to catch you all up on the rest of my week!