One Final Quarantine Blog

Hello TEPers!!

Happy Saturday!! I wanted to post one more time before I hand the reins over to Ty next week.

I know this has been a running theme behind all of my posts this week, but I hope that I have highlighted the fact that I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy during these uncertain times.

This week has been very hard for me. At the beginning of the week, my family lost our dog of 9 years rather unexpectedly. Definitely not what you want to go through during such unsettling time such as quarantine. But nonetheless, I have continued to find normalcy and things that make me smile each and everyday to get me through.

Today the piece that made me smile was me finishing my 4th book in the span of a week!! No better time to crush multiple pieces of literature than quarantine! For anyone that wants to stay up to date with what I am reading, so far I have read Of Mice and Men (for my kiddos), Daisy Jones and the Six, Red White, and Royal Blue, and Little Fires Everywhere. I highly recommend all of these !!!

Other than that, I have been able to stay sane through constant conversations with my SP Lauren, and through the app Flipgrid, as Burncoat has set up a site where students and teachers alike can upload videos of them dancing, singing, or just being goofy. This has really allowed me to feel apart of the community still during a time where I am missing the classroom more than anything.

During these weird times, I hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe, and that we are all finding our own light in these dark times. I look forward to continuing my routine of this week into next, seeing all of my classmates and TEP pals’ faces in class again, and finishing and starting yet another book.

Keep looking forward friends!!! I’ll be passing the baton on to Ty now. Can’t wait to hear how his weeks have been going!!

Thanks for keeping up with me this week 🙂


Friday – Quarantine Style

Happy Friday, TEPers! Do fridays still exist in quarantine?

I hope you all have started to settle into somewhat of a routine at this point. As we near the end of our second week since we left Holy Cross, while I still feel loads of apprehension and anxiety, I can’t help but feel sort of at ease with my new routine and schedule. I look forward to what each day brings!

For example, yesterday I got to “see” all my lovely TEP pals yesterday for our first ever virtual class on Google Meet! While it was clearly not the same as in person, seeing their faces and hearing everyone’s voice really made things feel normal again for a second.

Aside from classes becoming more of a routine, the other thing I look forward to everyday is reading! The book I am reading right now is fantastic and I can’t put it down!! And with all the sunshine we’ve been having lately, there is nothing better to do than sit outside and read!

I hope that you are all able to find some positivity in these weird crazy times, and that you are settling into a routine you enjoy!! Once again, stay safe and healthy, an talk to you guys soon 🙂


TEP Blog – Quarantine Style!

Happy day… 5? 14? 36? of quarantine? Honestly who knows who can keep track of the days anymore at this point.  Regardless of what day this is for you, I hope everyone is staying safe and staying healthy during this weird time.

So, as I am sure you could have guessed, life in TEP is looking a little different now a days thanks to COVID-19. Due to that this blog is probably gonna look a little different than what our readers are used to! But nevertheless, we keep moving forward!

Life in quarantine has been very weird to say the least. The first couple days did not consist really of any TEP related work, so I will try and not bore you with the details of the seven netflix shows that I binged through (but if you have watched Love is Blind leave a comment I’m obsessed).

Days are obviously blurring together, and that is why I must apologize for getting my first blog up so late!! BUT as I said, life must continue even in this weird time! So I have really tried to start developing a routine. Every morning I wake up, have breakfast, get dressed and then I read. As an English teacher, I am ashamed to admit that I have not been reading nearly as much as I should have. So with all this free time on my hands I figured it’s time to start practicing what I preach!

Aside from that, I continue to be thankful for technology during all of this because I have been able to stay in contact with my Supervisors Lauren and James through facetime and calling, and I have even been able to see some of my kiddos from class through this platform Burncoat is doing called Flipgrid!

All in all, life is weird right now but I am thankful for the moments that I have had that make everything seem normal and for the moments that I have been able to smile and laugh through all of this!

Keep looking for positive moments throughout all of this TEPers! Talk soon 🙂



Coming to a Close…

Hellooo bloggers!! Sorry I have been MIA, the end of this week has been a whirlwind! For all those wondering, I did indeed finish all  four of my papers!! So my hectic week is officially over! I can rest for 2 days before the next one starts up again…

Yesterday, me and all my fellow TEP members had the amazing opportunity to hear seniors at Burncoat High School tell their incredible and inspiring stories.  It brought so many tears to our eyes. The experience was something that I will never forget. I have the pleasure of student teaching at Burncoat next semester along with my fellow TEPer Carley, and I am just so lucky to be apart of such an amazing community that does so much good for kids like we heard from yesterday!

Once we left Burncoat, it was time to get down to business! Senior ball was t-minus 4 hours away which meant we had to start getting ready immediately! It was so much fun to get all dolled up and go to a dance! I haven’t done anything like that since high school so it was really fun. All the TEPers were in attendance, and we tried to snag a photo of all us! Unfortunately, it was a crowded venue so we were only able to get one with a few of us. But we clean up nice, I’d say!

Some of the TEP students at Senior Ball!
from left to right: Hiram, Victoria, Carley, Me, and Ty

Well that’s all the time I have for the blog this week! It has been so much fun taking you along for my week! Next week is Carley, and you guys are gonna love hearing from her!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Happy Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, y’all ! I am both relieved and distressed that it is Tuesday. I am happy because I am making excellent process on the aforementioned four papers, but sad because I still have so many papers to write, and Friday feels so far away…

Just a taste of what the break down of my week looks like…

Today was a good day, though! I have been making excellent progress on my four papers (yes I will continue to italicize the number because I cannot stress enough how absurd it is), and I had a wonderful time observing with Mr. Moore at Burncoat High today! I observed his last two classes of the day in which we discussed “The Masque of the Red Death,” a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. It was fun one because I love Poe, and two because the students seem to be taking a liking to me! One group of boys even asked me for help unprovoked! I mean sure, they yelled “hey” and snapped to get my attention because they couldn’t remember my name, but I will still consider this progress!

I was supposed to have a field hockey game but it was cancelled because of this horrendous weather, so with my extra bit of time, I treated myself and went to get a pedicure in preparation for Senior Ball, but also because this week has been stressful and I deserved it.

Well, it’s back to my whole in the library ! Check back for more updates soon, and wish me luck as I tackle more of my four papers! Have a wonderful rest of your Tuesdays 🙂

Here Goes Nothing…

Helloooo everyone!! My name is Elena Arciprete and I am a Senior in the TEP program, and I am the lone English major in the group. All that really means is get ready for some serious talk about the 4 – yes you read that right four – papers I have to write over the course of this week! It will be a fun journey to take you guys on!

So I thought I would kick my blog week off on this lovely freezing Sunday night, because with my often hectic schedule, that is when the  school week really starts. Currently, I am in the library, preparing to hunker down for the rest of the night in hopes of knocking out some pieces of my numerous papers.

It isn’t completely nonstop, though. I do have a cabinet meeting for the Student Government Association, in which I am Co – Director of Residence Life and Housing, in a little bit that will serve as a nice study break for me. But then it is right back to the grind!

I am so looking forward to bringing you along for the ride this week! You will get lots of fun updates on my papers, my two different site observations at Burncoat High, and most importantly, you will get a sneak peak into my prep for Friday, as the countdown to Senior Ball begins today! It is gonna be a fun week guys!! Check back in later for more updates!