My final day of blogging! Today was another day filled with activities-the weekend is so close yet so far (ha). I began today by picking up Bioribel from her dorm and heading to Burncoat together.

Giving Bioribel the BMS tour

It was fun to have some company this morning to wake me up!

After the school day, I headed to the gym for a quick run on the treadmill.

Workout time

The gym at Holy Cross is temporarily at the Hart Center, and the views while running are awesome.

quick Dinand selfie

Before the rest of my afternoon, I headed to Dinand (where I saw Suzanne) to copy, scan, and print some work for the next few days.

One important part of student teaching is creating realtionships with students. The Sullivan girls (Hannah, Ally, and Maureen) and I decided to go to the boys and girls basketball games this afternoon.


Burncoat won both games (but I am not going to brag too much). It was great to see our students in another setting other than the classroom.

To celebrate the (almost) weekend, a few of us went out for some pizza to just relax and chat about the weeks we had. It was fun to be able to share experiences with each other over a nice slice of pizza!

Good food and great friends!

Thank you for reading about my week, I hope you had almost as good of a time reading about it as I had living it (LOL).

A Wild Wednesday

Another busy day in the books! Today I had another early start, but it has been easier to wake up since daylight savings is coming up and the mornings are much lighter.

what a beautiful morning!

After student teaching was finished for the day, I quickly bounced to the Hart Center at Holy Cross to set up for the basketball game later in the evening. Usually, I arrive early to the game to set up the gym, but today I have class from 3:30-6 so I have to schedule my time wisely.

During Practicum today, we had a presenter on Special Education, and two of my classmates particpated in our Mursion projects. They did a great job!

another day of class



HC has both beautiful sunrises and sunsets!

I had to leave class a few minutes early to arrive to the game on time. Today, the team played against Lehigh University in our final regular season game. Unfortunately, we lost in overtime. However, our first playoff game is on Monday against BU so it is time to lock in to work for the PLC!

game time!


After the game, a few of us ordered some wings and relaxed–it is crazy to to think there are no more home games.

excited to eat some wings

After a busy day, I headed home to get ready for Thursday’s classes. Who knows what it will bring!


Happy Tuesday! Today was a busy day for sure. First I began by waking up at the usual 5:45 am since I have to be at Burncoat Middle School by 7 am. In the beginning of the semester waking up early was tough, but it is definitely getting easier. First period of the day Tracy, my Supervising Practioner, and I have prep time. It is nice to be able to spend some time each morning reviewing what we would like the classes to look like.

prep time in the library at Burncoat

I am currently teaching two 8th grade PreAlgebra classes, and will eventually also take over the 7th grade PreAlgebra. After a few hours of teaching, Tracy and I get to each lunch around 12 and then finish the day with department meetings.

Today I also stayed after school to work with students who needed to retake quizzes or needed help finishing the homework for the night.

time to do some work!
my classroom!

I then headed to starbucks for a few hours to finish up some work for my Practicum class tomorrow.

After doing work, I headed home to workout and watch the Bachelor (my guilty pleasure). To finish up my Tuesday, I headed to Cold Stone and treated myself to some ice cream. Can’t wait for another busy day tomorrow!

sometimes you gotta treat yo self

Happy Snow Day Monday!

Hello Everyone! Its me Kat taking over the blog this week. We are all currently in week 7 of student teaching and it has been a great experience so far. This week at Holy Cross, the majority of students are on spring break…BUT we are not so although campus is empty, there is still plenty to do!

about half a foot of snow!

A nice surprise to start the week off was that today we had a snowday!


Basketball season is still going on, and the last regular season game is on Wednesday. Although I did not have to go to school today, I still had a few hours of practice.

Another day in the gym!

It is crazy to think that I am almost done with my last season and playoffs are just around the corner!


After practice, a few of my fellow TEPers and I decided to treat ourselves to some froyo before our week in the classroom begins.

Kate, Suzanne, and Hannah all finished with their well deserved ice cream.

After ice cream, I packed my lunch and finished up editing my lesson plans for the week. I usually go to bed pretty early so I am well rested for school, so time for bed!

tomorrows lunch!

Kat’s Thursday and Friday

Happy Friday!

Yesterday, I had a very busy day. It began with a brisk walk to Dinand to prepare for my presentation later that day.

another day in worcester!

After another tough dance class, I presented on the Democratic Republic of Congo, I think it went okay! Then I headed to the Administration building for Worcester Public Schools to be trained as a substitute teacher. Once this was finished, I headed to Stein with some fellow TEPers to attend an event called “Inside the Hiring Process” which was very interesting and helpful for the job search I have ahead of me.

hard at work in the post office

After my Geometry class on Friday, I stopped by the post office to pick up a package and then prepped for my Urban Education class.


We had the day off on Thursday for practice, but today the team had to work on the scout for Sunday’s game and get back to business.

hydration is key
happy friday!





After practice, I spent time with my roommates eating dinner and watching a movie!  week left of There is only one week left of classes (crazy) so this weekend is going to involve a lot of time in the library. Thank you for reading my posts this week…I enjoyed being able to share my daily adventures!


Kat’s Wonderful Wednesday

What a wild Wednesday! Today I started my day with another stop at Starbucks to finish a little bit of homework with some of the other basketball staff.

coffee time!

Later this morning, I had team breakfast at the hotel and after watching film, a few of us made our way to the gym at the University of Vermont.

workout squad


After the gym, the team had shoot around. Shoot around is when the girls prepare for the upcoming contest by reviewing plays and working on game like situations. The team made 3 half court shots in a row—a new record!

shoot around time

Then we headed back to the hotel to mentally get ready for the long night ahead. My roommates and I watched some tv before we had pregame meal (which was chicken parm…yum!). And at 5 pm we headed to take on the Catamounts.

maggie locke preparing for her first game back from injury. woo hoo!
ready to run the bench!

The team locked in and prepared to take the court. As a manager, I have to fill the water bottles for game, pass out uniforms, and make sure everything is set up for the pregame talk. Thankfully, the game went GREAT. We won 65-40!! I am currently posting this from the bus ride home… hopefully it will go quick and I can get some sleep for tomorrow!

Kat’s Terrific Tuesday

Today was another busy day! I began my day with a quick workout at the field house on campus and then grabbed some coffee with friends before my classes. In my first class of the day, “Ballet 1-2”, we participated in a workshop given by choreographer Ronald K. Brown. This was definitely a workout I was not prepared for, but experiencing a different type of dance was very cool. Taking dance classes at Holy Cross has been an important way for me to develop a greater appreciation for the arts.

dance is a tough workout

After ballet I went to my second class of the day,” Sex and Society in Africa” where we discussed articles that I am doing a presentation about on Thursday (Yikes).

Next, I had to quickly pack my suitcase because I am traveling to the University of Vermont this week for a basketball game. Before leaving, the team practiced and prepared for the upcoming opponent.

packing the uniforms!
another day, another practice





Once practice ended, the other manager and I had to pack the bus and get the meal ready for the team as we made our way to Vermont. The bus ride was definitely a long one, but the team always finds way to have fun if we get bored.

excited for the bus ride

We arrived at the hotel in just under four hours. Two other girls on the team and I did some homework that we needed to make up for missing class tomorrow—it is definitely important to have good time management when you have to miss school.

studying it up
getting a good night’s sleep before the game!

After a long day of traveling its finally time for bed—gotta rest up for gameday!

Kat’s Monday

Hello Everyone! My name is Kat and I will be taking over the blog this week! I am a senior Mathematics Major in the Teacher Education Program. I can’t wait to upate everyone on the upcoming week because it is definitely a busy one!

Today I began my day by heading to Geometry class with fellow TEPers Kate and Ally. I am getting sad about ending my math classes at Holy Cross because it has been a journey for sure, but I am excited to be using all my math knowledge next semester during student teaching! It just so happens that today I taught my lesson for Pre-Practicum at Burncoat Middle School where I will be doing my student teaching in the spring. I enjoyed being able to use teachniques I have learned over the past few years in my lesson on one step equations.

Burncoat Middle School Entrance

After school, I decided to stop at Starbucks for a coffee because I had a long night ahead of me and needed some caffeine. 

Me drinking coffee to make it through the day!

Aside from being in TEP, I also am the manager of the Women’s Basketball team at Holy Cross. We are in the middle of the season right now and have been practicing since October. I played basketball in high school and love watching this sport. I definitely spend a lot of time at the Hart Center, but it’s been really cool traveling with the team throughout college because I’ve gotten to go to a lot of cool places!

some of the basketball girls keeping me company on the sidelines
practice makes perfect!

After practice, my roommates and I did some homework while setting up our Christmas tree. I love Christmas time, and played a lot of classic tunes while preparing my work for the week ahead!

Getting into the holiday spirit!

Finally, a few of my friends and I went  out to dinner to celebrate some birthdays!

the gals are ready to eat

Can’t wait  to see what tomorrow brings!