Hello everyone,

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday.Β  Today I made sure that I documented most parts of my day so that you guys could have some visuals for my daily routine. Today, unfortunately, my fellow Doherty TEPer decided that she needed to take her own car to school so that she could stay after. It’s always sad when Kate and I don’t drive together because it’s nice to have someone to complain about how early it is with. Here is me doing my best to put a brave face on without my good friend Kate. (Appearance vs. Reality is a big theme we will be discussing in Hamlet with my seniors next week!!!)

By some stroke of luck, however, Kate happened to pull into the Doherty student parking lot just SECONDS after me. Amazing.Β 

Here is a picture of our cute little cars parked next to each other among all of the students’s cars. Today Kate came prepared with baked goods because she is a math nerd and it is Pi day.

If you look at this picture you can see her smiling face at 6 am as she attempts to bribe her students into liking her with chips ahoy cookies and pie. Not gonna work Kate!!! Just kidding its a great idea and I definitely think I should try it soon. Nothing like some sugar motivators to get the kiddos excited to learn!

Here are some pictures that I took on my hallway duty today so you can get a sense for what the hallways of Doherty look like. There is a lot of really great paintings on the wall that brighten up the school and send really positive messages to kids.

As for my lessons today- they both went well. If you checked in with my blog yesterday and were anxiously awaiting to hear how the ice-breaker with my period one freshmen went… it was awesome. The students who are typically so quiet and reserved had a blast and got a chance to move around the room and chat with other students. Even though this meant that we got to less content material for the day, when we did get back to Of Mice and Men, the participation and energy was soooo much better. I am psyched and am going to keep in mind that this class needs more activity- after all , who isn’t tired first thing in the morning???

We also had a bit of fun with my seniors. I stole the twitter idea from MB at practicum last night and incorporated it into the end of our A Thousand Splendid Suns unit. Here are some of the tweets that students wrote.Β 

TGIF TOMORROW!!!! Have a great weekend everyone thank you for coming read my blog!! Signing off πŸ™‚




Hump Day

Woohoo its Wednesday!! Officially through the hump of the week. Today was a good day. It started off early at 5:55. This morning I decided to switch up my typical soothing John Mayer sound track to a more exciting pop station to really get me ready to start my day off with a bang. This morning I forgot to grab a Lara bar as I ran out the door which proved to be an obstacle as my stomach growled all morning while I taught my classes. Would not recommend!!

I gave period one their first reading quiz on “Of Mice and Men.” Most of them did pretty well! Since most of them are pretty quiet tomorrow I am going to do a human scavenger hunt activity with them to get them up and moving and talking to each other. Stay tuned to find out how it goes.

Period three finished up discussion about the burqa ban- most of them were very strongly opinionated that the government has no right to tell us what we can and cannot wear. Its great to see them thinking so critically and forming strong opinions!

Today after school I rushed back to Holy Cross to meet with one of my favorite English professors, Professor Reardon. Professor Reardon thoughtfully reached out to me to check in about how my student teaching experience is going so far. It was so great to chat with someone who wanted to hear all about this crazy, new, and exciting time in my life! She also gave me a few really good book suggestions to help me come up with activities for my english. Here is a picture of one of the books I can’t wait to read.

After my meeting with Professor Reardon, I headed to pre-practicum. Today was a big day for me because it was my turn for Mursion, an interactive simulation for different teaching scenarios. Kat and I were tasked with having a parent teacher conference with the parent of a third grader named Lily Walker. We had to report some of Lily’s test scores and how she was doing socially to her mother. It was less nerve wracking than I thought and overall a very cool experience! So cool what technology can do!

After pre-prac I headed to Chipotle with my friends. I forgot to take a picture but my burrito was nothing to write home about. In fact, I was fairly disappointed with the overall experience. I usually go for a bowl, but on a whim, I went for the regular burrito. BIG MISTAKE. Immediate regret. I asked for a littttle bit of sour cream and BAM the woman put on an entire ladle full. Same for the guac. There was no going back after that. Even though my burrito itself wasn’t that great, it was so nice to go out with my friends. It’s easy to feel out of the loop being busy all day, so it’s very important to me that I make time at night to check in with my friends. Since I forgot to take a picture of my burrito, this cup will have to do! I had two refills of diet coke πŸ™‚

Once back in Dinand, I worked on making an A Thousand Splendid Suns version of Taboo for my seniors to play tomorrow. They are big on Taboo so I am hoping that the game is a hit. Some of the cards are harder than others, we’ll see how they do.Β 

Here are my friends Hannah and Kate in Dinand working hard.

At home, I’m going to unwind with some Netflix before bed. I have decided that it’s important to get my mind off of the subject matter before sleeping to decompress before the next day, so I always make sure to watch a quick episode of A Million Little Things, my new favorite show.

P.S I am very sorry that these pictures are so large, I cant figure out how to change the size and not make them super blurry! Need a technology tutor if anyone is interested!!

See you back here tomorrow!!

Totally Awesome Tuesday

This post is coming a little late this Tuesday evening as I clock in at 11:59!! How will I ever wake up tomorrow morning for school?? These days the mornings are a bit darker since the clocks changed for spring forward. Personally I am all for it because it is so worth it to have an extra hour of sunlight in the afternoon! Hopefully it starts to warm up now too and it will officially be spring!

Today has been a long one,Β  and I will take you through it start to finish. It all began at 5:50 this morning when the 4th of my alarms went off. I set a few alarms to trick myself into thinking I can sleep in after each one. The first isat 5:00, then 5:15, then 5:30, and the last is 5:50. By that time I cant wait to get out of bed because I’m just so sick of my alarm going off, so it works out nicely πŸ™‚ Here is a picture of Kate and I as we pulled into the Doherty student parking lot. If you look closely you can see the sun rising in the background

I teach my first period class of freshmen at 7:20. We are reading “Of Mice and Men,” and just finished chapter 3. Curley just tried to pick a fight with Lennie and Lennie accidentally broke every bone in Curley’s hand. The students got a kick out of it. Tomorrow we will be taking a quiz on chapter 3, I’m not sure how it’s going to go but thumbs up for good luck to the freshmen (and me).

My third period class of senior students is just wrapping up Khaled Hosseini’s “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” This will be the first book I will have ever taught from start to finish so I think it will hold a special place in my heart.

Today during class we ended up on the subject of prom in the context of the different expectations for men and women in terms of beauty standards. Safe to say the kids are excited! They were shocked and appalled when I asked if they had a Facebook group where the girls post their dresses to claim them and make sure no one copies them as they did in my high school. They seem to have a better grip on reality than we did waaaay back then (a few years ago).

After school I went to the library and met up with some of my friends. It was great to see them and be able to do some of my lesson planning at the same time. It was also free popcorn Tuesday an in Hogan so I got some popcorn forΒ Β 

After the library I headed home for a quick dinner of a peanut butter english muffin. I was supposed to give up bread for lent but I have not been sticking to it so if anyone has any good suggestions let a girl know!!

After my nutritious dinner I headed over to Nativity where I tutor my favorite 6th grader, Travis.

I then headed back to the library to finish up an ELL essay and prep for my Mursion experience during Pre-prac tomorrow. I am having a parent teacher-conference with an Avatar, nervous! Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Suzanne’s Sunday :)

Hello and welcome to my first blog post!!

After a long week of being the only students on campus, the weekend came at the perfect time. This weekend was perfect for catching up on some much needed sleep. I spent most of it watching the new show on ABC “A Million Little Things.” If you are looking for a new highly emotional tv show to watch, I would recommend!!

This morning before heading to Dinand, Kate and I decided to make a trip to a local donut shop called Rocco’s. This is not an ordinary donut shop and requires a pretty serious commitment to donuts.

The flavors we decided on were nutella, fruity pebbles, and a cinnamon roll.Β  Personally, my favorite was the cinnamon roll only because the nutella was a bit much. Pro-tip: bringing donuts to Dinand has a 100% chance of improving your library experience!!

We spent the majority of the day lesson planning, and ran into fellow TEPers Hannah and Kat at the printers. I successfully lesson planned for the upcoming week. Currently, I am teaching Of Mice and Men to my period one freshmen class, and A Thousand Splendid Suns to my senior class. I had a good time finding some fun resources to use throughout the week!

At about 5:00 Kate and I made a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on groceries for the week. We then proceeded to run into at least 10 people that we know, from Doherty, Nativity, home, and Holy Cross πŸ™‚

When I got home the first of my roommates was finally back from Spring Break, so I spent some time catching up with Emily who just got back from a week in Punta Cana. Now it is officially time for bed before an early wake-up tomorrow.

p.s not ready for the spring ahead morning darkness at 6 am!!

Suzanne’s Friday! Woohoo TGIF

TGIF!!! Best day of the week! I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland! I cant believe how much it snowed last night! This was the first snow I have experienced living off campus and I have to say I did not love having to shovel off the stairs and get the snow off my car. I can only imagine how much worse it will get second semester when I have to leave for school at 6 am!!

After a quick trip to the field house I headed over to Rehm to finish up my Greek Mythology essay which, if you have been reading, you will know that I have been putting off all week πŸ™‚

Before going to my 11 am class I stopped at cool beans for a hazelnut iced coffee with milk- my coffee favorite order if anyone is ever wondering!!

I was supposed to have three classes today but two of them were cancelled because of todays engage summit. The first summit event I attended was about how to be an ally. The second event was so packed that we had to leave Stein, walk to Kimball, and eventually relocate to Seelos theater. It was encouraging to see so many members of the campus community show interest in engaging in issues on campus and gathering together to listen to one another.

After that I went to the Auburn mall with two of my junior teammates, Maddy and Meg. We then went back on campus to pick up my roommates Molly and Lilly and all headed over to Chic Fil’ A for a nice Friday night dinner! What could be better??

Once home we made homemade chocolate chip cookies and are now all cozied up for a nice movie night! Happy Friday and thanks for tuning into my blog posts this week!! πŸ™‚

Suzanne’s Thursday

Hello! Today I do not have too much to report, but I will keep you updated nonetheless πŸ™‚

My morning started with my 9:30-12:00, two and a half hour, seminar. This is one of the three three hundred level english classes that I had to take this semester so that I could fit all of my requirements in before student teaching next semester! This class is called Hybrid Forms Hybrid Selves, and it is all about hybrid pieces of literature- essentially its a mix between poetry and prose and autobiography. It’s a pretty cool class and the two and a half hours are not nearly as painful as they could be. This morning I decided to walk to class (for the first time ever I always drive to Linden Lane and risk getting a ticket). It also happened to be 20 degrees this morning and my hands almost froze off because I of course had to bring my iced coffee. Here is a picture of my new Starbucks cold cup that I am obsessed with.

After class I went to the gym and then went back home where a reporter working on a piece about athletes at Holy Cross and the community called me for an interview about the recent Nativity food drive up at Hart/Luth which just wrapped up with the end of October.

Next I headed back on Campus to the library where I buckled down to write my essay which is still a work in progress. Here is a picture of my friend Lilly keeping me company at one of Dinand’s finest main room tables!

By the time we left the library at about 8:00 the campus was covered in snow!! I am honestly really excited because I love Christmas and full disclosure I started listening to Christmas music this weekend. Driving home from the lib was actually kind of tough because the snow was accumulating so quickly, but I’m sure the plows will have it handled ASAP.

Here is a pretty blurry picture that I took out my window of the snow because now that I am inside I am too warm to go and take a real picture πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading happy Thursday and TGIF tomorrow!!!

Suzanne’s Wednesday

This morning for Pre-Practicum, the senior TEP crew headed over to Burncoat High School for a special class. Once there a series of students came into the guidance office and shared their stories of struggles with us. These students were truly incredible and the battles that they have faced thus far in their young lives were not easy to hear about, let alone endure. Each of the students were selected specifically for the reason that they have been working to stay in school and succeed in school despite momentous challenges. These students have all been touched and supported by the school and it was so encouraging to hear about the impact that teachers and other faculty have been able to make on their lives. What makes me most excited about teaching is being in an incredible position to help kids who really need it. This morning was really inspiring.

Once back on campus I decided to go for a quick run down Southbridge Street before my 11 am class, “African American Literature.” Here is a pic of me repping some much needed Holy Cross gear to keep me warm in this freezing cold weather!! (I heard its supposed to snow on Thursday!)

After my quick run I headed to class. During my second class of the day, Classical Mythology, my cold really got the best of me (its that time of year again!).Β  I decided it was time to come home for a much needed nap. Before leaving campus I took this picture because this campus is just so pretty πŸ™‚

I am supposed to tutor at Nativity on Wednesday nights, but decided that it is for the best to sit this one out so I don’t spread any of my germs to the kids. Hopefully my tutee, Travis, will forgive me for not showing up. Last time I had to skip he was very upset with me which he asked Kate my fellow TEPer and Nativity intern to share with me! I will have to make it up to him with some HC gear or lobby shop candy next time.

For the rest of the night I plan on doing some serious homework! I have a Classical mythology essay due on Friday that isn’t going to write itself! I made some lemon tea to help me get started. Dinner will probably consist of some mac and cheese or a defrosted turkey burger as usual πŸ™‚ Happy Wednesday!

Suzanne’s Tuesday

My Tuesday morning started off bright and early as Kate and I left for our observation hours at Doherty High School at 7:30 am. We have established that it rains EVERY Tuesday so the path from the student parking lot to the school is always muddy πŸ™‚ My supervising practitioner, Mrs. Naco, just returned from maternity leave so this was only my second time observing her all semester. Prior to that I was observing Kate’s two supervising practitioners in the math department. Let’s just stay I should stick with English because I could barely understand what was going on. I am super excited that Mrs. Naco is back!

Once back at Holy Cross I went over to the field house for a quick workout. I am new to working out in there as my field hockey season just ended a few weeks ago.Β  From there I walked in the rain (there were no parking spots anywhere on campus today!!!) to Hart for my last ever field hockey meeting πŸ™

Once back at my off campus house, I decided that it was a good idea (despite the pretty heavy work load I have this week) to take an hour to relax and watch some Friday Night Lights. p.s I have no official class on Tuesdays πŸ™‚

Lunch time! Following my own personal screening of FNL I took a quick trip to Nu Cafe where I enjoyed the Buffalo Kale wrap (definitely recommend) and some nice company.

My next big activity for the day was the Power Talk featuring Molly Cole in Smith and Hogan. Molly Cole is an HC alum who did Teach For America and has worked as both a teacher and principal in charter schools in Philadelphia and Boston. I was so impressed by her and glad I went! The free Hogan dinner which featured the best mac and cheese that I have ever had was also a huge plus.

After my fabulous dinner and conversation I headed to Seelos theater for an event hosted by Dr. Brittany Cooper regarding her book “Eloquent Rage.” It was a really cool talk and I am feeling very grateful for all of the opportunities that Holy Cross has to offer to take in information in settings like this.

Now I am doing some homework in the library! Thanks for reading about my Tuesday!

p.s I am super bad at technology and cannot figure out how to make all of the pictures vertical so you may have to turn your head until further notice…. apologies!