Yeast is hard to come by these days…

Yes, I know, not exactly the title you were expecting for an education blog, huh? Sadly, that is what it has come to these days. As I mentioned earlier, we are in the middle(?) of this pandemic and people really be going crazy. They are stocking up on everything from toilet paper to all sorts of meat, and yes…yeast. Because people make bread nowadays???

Anyways, in the sake of trying to keep myself from stockpiling and going bananas in my home, I decided to break out and see my girlfriend, Brianna. After we both were dismissed from our college campuses, we made a list of things to do in “quarantine”. One of those things was to make our own everything bagels. This was something I saw one of my Twitter followers do about a week prior.

So we went out, bought our toppings (sesame seeds, poppy seeds, minced garlic, onion powder), the rest of our ingredients…but we could not find yeast ANYWHERE. Seriously, who needs yeast these days?? Thankfully, I needed to get gas (and BJs is CHEAP – $1.79/gal!) so we decided to make it a whole shopping trip and ran inside to find our missing ingredient. Fortunately, we found enough yeast to last a lifetime…it’s BJs, everything is in bulk.

The dough cannot rise without the yeast! Finally, we were able to begin our process. And it was pretty cool!

I had never kneaded dough before. But I sure needed it for the bagels!

Apparently you are supposed to boil bagels before you bake them?? Yeah, this was news to me too. The boiling mixture calls for two quarts of water and one-fourth of a cup of honey. Supposedly, the honey helps created the nice golden-brown color on the outside of the bagels. Then, an egg wash is applied so you can add the toppings. After, simply throw them in the oven for 20-25 minutes and you are done!

Brianna seems very happy with the finished product

Let. Me. Tell. You. These were some of the best bagels I have ever had. Everyone always says, it tastes better when you make it yourself. I do not know if it was because I made them, or if I am just going a little stir-crazy, but I would definitely do it again. If anyone wants the recipe, let me know! An easy, fun, family activity to keep everyone occupied during all of this.

Maybe, if we get together again, I can make some of everyone to share. Miss you all. See you in class soon! ‘Til next time.

A Very Productive Tuesday!

Hey y’all! It’s Ty, and I am back for more on the TEP blog. Today I am coming at you live from quarantine in Pittsfield, Massachusetts during peak social distancing. Today I have scoured School Spring, applied to a few other miscellaneous jobs, completed my weekly Moodle post, and began working on my dilemma for Practicum. But you do not want to hear about that boring stuff!

Although March tends to be a long month, we have been unexpectedly released from the confines of the classroom due to this coronavirus pandemic. I miss Ms. Perkins and the students dearly, but there is still much to do remotely! Aside from searching for remote learning opportunities for the seventh graders, the weather is getting better and we are finally seeing some sun! Yes massholes, SUN – Tom Brady did not take it to Tampa with him…tomorrow will come.

Just this past weekend, my family celebrated two birthdays. My grandmother, GJ, turned 77 on Saturday. She currently lives in Naples, Florida with my grandfather and a hodge podge of their elderly friends.

GJ might be having a little too much fun…

Well we were glad we were able to FaceTime in, we miss them all dearly, and told them to send more of that sunshine up north!

My sister, Taea, celebrated her birthday on Friday. The big One-Eight! She is still deciding where to go to college in the fall, but with all that is going on in the world now, she has been given a little extra time to decide. More recently, her basketball team had their season cut short, but they were still named Co-State Champions! Although her softball season is now in jeopardy, I was so proud to see her accomplish this feat after the backlash she has suffered from transferring schools. My mom made an ice cream cake and we ordered in from a local Italian restaurant.

The Birthday Girl!

I have come across a few math educational websites I think will be useful, but I am still waiting on a Worcester Public School email address in hopes I can upload some links myself. If anyone out there wants to check out Prodigy and Splash Learn for me, those are the only two I have not finished going through yet.

That is all from me on Tuesday! Tune back in for tomorrow, as I break out of social isolation and visit my girlfriend for a special surprise!


Soooooo, we lost the intramural basketball game. Sad! This weekend, I have been working as an Athletics Statistician Assistant for the College’s Department of Athletics. It was an exciting weekend to be apart of the team, as we featured two teams in the Patriot League playoffs – field hockey and women’s soccer. As for myself, I was working on the men’s and women’s ice hockey game and the football game. Personally, I think this is the best job on campus because I get to enjoy two of my favorite things – sports and math!


Now that it is Saturday night, it is time to unwind. So, my roommates and I do what we do best – play video games. It is a cool 29 degrees out tonight, and although we would normally make the trek up to the basketball gym or indoor turf, we decided to stay in tonight.
Yes – we play in the dark mom!

And sadly, that ends my week of posts. Lucky for you guys, I get to pass it off to Elena who is a blast!

Catch ya later everyone!

Annnnnnd we’re back!

Sorry for the delay everyone…like I said, I have been busy. This week has been crazy – daylight savings time, the decline in temperature, and, oh yeah, the school work. Fortunately, I have some great friends, and fellow TEP members to help guide me. Carley, Victoria and I, alongside other other friends, Tmac and Sumner, frequently collaborate on some of our math homework. Currently, we are all enrolled in Real Analysis, which is known to be the “hardest math class at the College.” We have found this to be true, while also somewhat of a myth, because, well…all classes here are pretty rigorous.

Tmac (left) and Victoria (smiling) starting our Real homework

Later, Victoria’s attitude would come to change (as would mine), because the homework got a little harder. Carley, however, had not started it yet – so she was still having fun.

Carley (smiling) and Victoria (not smiling)

Thankfully, I was able to balance out some of this hard work with some hard playing. I have been lucky enough to be part of three intramural teams – dodgeball, wiffleball and basketball. We have already played a game for dodgeball and wiffleball (both of which we won, of course). And we have our first basketball game tonight! Tomorrow I will let you guys know how it went, will introduce you to my roommate Hiram (who is also in the Teacher Education Program), and get you geared up for some weekend action.

Catch ya later!

The Life of Ty

Hey everyone! My name is Ty Bramer and I am a senior math major in the TEP Prgram. I am thrilled to take you all through my week…stick around for some cool content – I like to stay busy!

So today I kicked things off by going to my morning math class. I really had to pay attention today because one of my classmates (who you have already come to know and love – Victoria!) fell ill over the weekend. No, she did not have too much candy, we are just at that point in the semester where everyone seems to be getting sick.

After that I took my talents over to my observation for seventh grade at Sullivan Middle School with Ms. Yayra Perkins. She is the perfect match for me. She has this calming presence when she is in front of the class, which I will need to see in her come spring when I am the one up front. To start the week this week, she decided to continue with her student-centered rotation stations. Now, I was not able to capture the action, but I hope you enjoy these photos of the layout of her classroom.

Here is Ms. Perkins and her room!
I Love the color of her walls!

After observation, I paid a visit to my advisor so I can enroll in classes for the last time this Thursday. It is a pretty bittersweet feeling, as this is the beginning of the “firsts” of the “lasts”. Then I had a little chat with our Program Coordinator, Meg Ober, who has been so flexible and open to all of us when MB went on maternity leave. Then, we had a LOT of work to do. So now we are here with you all, watching my Cowboys lose to the Giants (insert eye roll emoji) and planning out the rest of the week.

Stick around! I have some exciting stuff planned for you all.