Monday + Tuesday


Happy Tuesday everyone! This week has been a crazy one for sure! Yesterday my supervising practitioner was out so I had to teach all 4 of her classes. We were doing MCAS review on the chrombooks and my students did pretty well with it! After school I went to Trader Joe’s to get some food the week (Trader Joe’s frozen foods are a life saver while student teaching fyi). When I got home I had some time to relax and get stuff ready for school the next day. Last night was also Bachelor Monday so I had to dedicate 2 hours of my night to watching it. (Sorry Monday is lacking photos I’m not good at remembering to take them)

I love Pilot Pete with all my heart

Today when I got to school I was surprised to learn that my supervising practitioner was out again today so I had to teach all 4 classes. Luckily, I have first block free so I had time to make worksheets. Today we started a new topic in our proportions unit of solving proportions using the “is-of” method. It went really well and my students picked it up right away!

All four of my classes went smoothly and got through everything we needed to! After school I stayed after with two students. They wanted some extra practice with solving inequalities and needed help figuring out when to flip the inequality sign when solving. I re-taught them the rules and the ideas behind inequalities then we took the time to do some practice problems. By the end of the hour they were getting all the questions right and had a better grasp on the concept!

My classroom
Note sheet I made my students who needed help with inequalities

I came back to campus after school and was greeted by my roommate watching the news. It is great to live with another person in TEP as they truly get what you are going through (and it is nice to be awake with someone else at 5:30am).

Carley watching the news about coronavirus

To end my day, my roommates and I will be watching the season finale of the Bachelor (Team Madi or Team Hannah Ann?). Check back to the blog tomorrow to see how I feel about the ending!

Victoria’s Takeover

Spring Break Recap

Hello everyone! I will be taking over the blog this week and I can’t wait to share my week at Burncoat Middle with you! For today’s post, I am going to recap my last week. It was Holy Cross’s spring break last week so the TEP students were here on campus as WPS still had school. However, we managed to make the best of the week! On Monday, Ty, Elena, Carley and I decided to go out to dinner to celebrate making it through Monday.

Carley, Ty, and Elena

After Monday it was a very hectic week of editing resumes and cover letters as we are all in the process of applying to jobs. We also had a unit plan due on Thursday for class. However, once Thursday came we decided to go to the Worcester Public Market!

Ty, Elena, Carley, Hiram, and Sumner

Our friend Sumner joined us as she was on campus for the second half of spring break! It was so fun to be able to hang out and catch up about how our student teaching lives are!

That is all for this post! Stay tuned to see what my week at Burncoat is like!

Victoria’s Friday

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so glad the week is finally over and now I have a day to catch up on sleep and hanging out! It has been great blogging this week and I sad that this will be my last post for now! This Friday has been a busy one! I started out my day by driving back to school this morning. I had Real Analysis again at 9am and we were given our review sheet for our exam next week (yikes).

After that class, I had an hour to do some homework before my next class. On Friday’s the senior TEP students meet with Meg Ober for our pre-practicum class. Today we discussed elements that we are going to be evaluated on while we are student teaching. Also as part of this class we sometimes go out to the Worcester schools to get to know the schools and communities we will be teaching in! It is a great way to get to know what to expect from our student teaching and getting to know where we will be teaching.

After that I got lunch with my friend Grace in the science cafe! We get lunch every Friday to catch up and talk about how are weeks were.

My friend Grace

Today I had to cut lunch short as I went to Burncoat Middle School to meet a teacher with Meg. It was a great meeting and I am excited to now be doing my student teaching at Burncoat Middle!

After the meeting I rushed back to school to get back for my music class at 2. Today my professor brought us all chocolate as a Friday pick-me-up AND let us out early (can you say best friday class ever?)!

Tonight I am going out to dinner with friends and planning on going to bed early to have energy to actually do things this weekend. Also tomorrow my sisters, mom, and I are going bridesmaid dress shopping for my oldest sisters wedding next year! Hopefully all goes well and we find dresses!

That’s all for this Friday post! It has been a great week of blogging and I hope you all enjoyed reading my posts!

Victoria’s Wednesday + Thursday


Happy Thursday everyone! This blog post is going to be a combination of my Wednesday and Thursday as I forgot to blog yesterday (oops). However, yesterday was not a super fun day. I spent most of my day in meetings and doing homework. Next week I have a Real Analysis exam so I am trying to get ahead of all the work I can in preparation for that!

Wednesday night I had work again at the STEM+E Tutoring Workshop! Again, I tutored students in preparation for their exams this week in their math classes. After two hours of tutoring, I went back to my room to do more homework and make myself dinner!


Today started off early! I met my friend Julianna for breakfast in Kimball. She is a junior in TEP and a history major. We met during our Ed Psych class my sophomore year and have been friends ever since!

Kimball breakfast = the best meal at kimball










After breakfast I had my Schools: Surviving and Achieving class. Today we took career assessments in preparation for our school visit next week where we will be doing the same assessments with our students. Thankfully, my career assessment told me I should be a teacher so I adverted an identity crisis today (small victories for this Thursday). After that I headed to Campion to have a meeting with Meg Fox-Kelley. She is one of the Chaplins on campus and I also went on an immersion trip to Haiti with her this past January. It’s great to check in with her every couple weeks to catch up and talk about life on campus.

Campion House

After that I meeting I had a little bit of time to kill before having to go back to Campion for another meeting. This semester I am the Student Coordinator for the Manresa Retreat taking place in November. The chaplin incharge of the retreat and I meet once a week to go over details for the retreat and to get everything organized.




Finally, after that meeting I headed home because I had a doctors appointment. On the brightside, I got to pick my dogs up from daycare (yes, my dogs go to daycare during the day) and go to one of my favorite spin classes near my house!

I took this after my class as I forgot to take a picture inside
Vinny relaxing after a long day at daycare
Cooper also relaxing

Finally, my day ended by catching up with my sister Caroline! She taught her first lesson today for her Pre Practicum and she said it went well! We decided to watch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy tonight, something we always used to do at school together.

Student teacher Carol

That’s all for my Wednesday and Thursday updates! Check back tomorrow to see how my week ends!

Victoria’s Tuesday

Busy Tuesday

Hello everyone welcome my second day of the blog takeover! Today was super busy for me as well. I started off my day by having class at 9:30am. I am taking Schools: Surviving and Achieving with Professor Fisher. The class is all about school counseling with adolescents. I think this class is so beneficial for me in preparation for my student teaching as I am learning skills that I will be able to use to help my students if they have problems going on. I am so happy I have the opportunity to take an education class outside of the TEP requirements as it can only help me on my student teaching experience.

After class I went to go talk to Meg, the TEP placement coordinator, about my placement. She is so helpful and is always available whenever I have questions.

Next in my day I went to Sullivan to observe my teachers fourth and fifth period classes. It was very interesting seeing the difference between these two classes and how my teacher approaches them.

Finally after being a Sullivan for almost two hours I headed back to campus. I met up with Ty (another TEP math major) to work on some math homework before our Methods class.

Ty loves math homework!

After doing homework for a little bit, Ty and I headed to our Methods seminar. This class real focuses on teaching us tools we will use in our classroom next semester.

Finally, after being in class from 3:30-6 I headed straight to work! I am a tutor in the STEM+E workshop. I tutor students in a range of different math classes. I love being able to tutor students and help them realize that math isn’t always terrible.

My station for tutoring

I tutored two students tonight. Both have exams this week. I cleared up some confusions with them and worked on practice problems. They both left feeling more confident for their tests this week!

After my long day I am going to go back to my room, make dinner, and get in bed early (gotta treat yourself some days).

Tune in tomorrow to see if my Wednesday is any less hectic than the beginning of my week! (Also sorry for the lack of pictures in my blogs, I will try to be better about remembering to take them!)

Victoria’s Weekend + Monday

Victoria’s Takeover!

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria and I will be taking over the TEP blog this week! I am a senior math major and will be student teaching at Sullivan Middle School this year! I am super excited to take you through my life this week.


Friday was a great start to my weekend as I found out I passed the Communication and Literacy MTEL I took in August! It was such a relief as reading and writing is not my strong suit. Also, this weekend I was not on campus as it was my sisters 23rd birthday! She graduated from Holy Cross last year with her degree in Chemistry and is now at Boston College getting her Masters in Education. We will both be student teaching in the spring (she is teaching at Dedham High School) so it has been so nice to be on the same path as her as she knows exactly what it is like! On Saturday we went into Boston to go to my other sisters apartment to hang out and celebrate her birthday.

My sister’s birthday cake (she LOVES Freddie Mercury so naturally, we had to put a picture of him on her cake)

I love going to school close to home because I get to see my sisters and mom often. Another perk of coming home this weekend was that I got to see my dogs. It is one of the hardest parts of being away from home because I love seeing my dogs everyday.

My dogs Cooper and Vinny










Today was a super busy day for me as I did little to no homework this weekend (oops). I started off my day by driving back to school this morning at 7:45. I think my mom purposely plans to have dinner late when I am home on Sunday so she can force me to stay over at home. It is an easy drive from my house to school though, so I don’t mind. Once I got back to school I had Real Analysis at 9am. This is my final math class I have to take for the major which is exciting but also sad at the same time. After that class I went to Sullivan to meet the new teacher I am placed with! He teaches all levels of 7th grade math. I got a chance to chat with him during his prep and to observe one of his classes today. After observations, I went back to campus to each a quick lunch before heading to my music class. After class I knew that I was going to be drowning in work for the rest of the night so I decided to go to Starbucks for a Monday treat while I do my homework.

Much needed ice tea after a long day









That’s all for my weekend and Monday update! Check back the rest of the week to see what else I will be up to!