Thursday and Friday blended into one day because my cousin came to visit from Minnesota. She is a junior and high school, so she is starting the college search! After a two hour drive to Logan Airport due to traffic, I was excited to finally see her, but we had a long drive back to campus thanks to rush hour traffic.

Driving Back from the Airport

We thankfully got back to campus just in time for my Student Programs for Urban Development (SPUD) intern reflection. Since Campion was closed, we were able to have the reflection in the chapel. It was the perfect, quiet place to have our reflection and could not have come at a better time for all of us. We definitely needed those thirty minutes to focus on relaxation and centering.

Part of why I love being an intern for SPUD is getting to know the other interns. We all share a common passion for service and social justice. The responsibility of overseeing sites and planning events on campus can make it feel more business-like, but it is the reflections that we have every other week that bring us back to why we do SPUD.

The reflections give us time to reflect upon the injustices we see in Worcester as well as the wealth of knowledge, growth, and potential we see in the community. We all work with different populations, so it is helpful to come together so that we can find the commonalities between our work. Then, we are able to work with our lead community organizer to see what we can do to further engage our community in the hopes of enacting change.

SPUD Intern Reflection

Today, after an early morning of working out and classes,  my cousin and I got lunch at the Pub and then went on a tour of campus. The main attraction was of course the Holy Cross Bookstore. After visiting Dinand Library and the academic buildings, we made our way to St. Joseph Chapel to finish the tour.

Tour of Campus

After our day of exploring campus, we went into Worcester for dinner at in the Canal District. As if we weren’t full from dinner, we went to the Queen’s Cups for cupcakes for dessert.

Dinner in Worcester

We went back to campus quickly so we could catch the volleyball game in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They invited the organization, the Pink Hippy, to campus for the game and honored the women who are currently fighting breast cancer.

SPUD Filled Day

Today was an eventful Wednesday! Instead of having class for our Pre-Practicum class for TEP, we observed a college level class in our discipline, so I observed Professor Cecil’s Calculus 1 class. Even though I have him as a professor this semester, I am usually too busy copying notes and trying to understand new concepts that I am unaware of the teaching strategies he implements into his lessons. By observing, I realized that all of the little things he does in class, even just using different color chalk, are done intentionally to make the new material clearer.

After observing Professor Cecil’s class, I went straight to my class with him and then to get a flu shot. I had a short block of free time before I hosted a SPUD reflection for my program directors. I am one of the interns for the After School and Educational Opportunities Cluster, so I oversee program directors who work with Nativity School of Worcester, African Community Education (ACE), AVID at Burncoat High School and North High School, Pernet Youth Group, Pernet After-School, and Salvation Army Tutoring.

Since SPUD has so many members and sites, it is nice to get together with my program directors as often as I can to touch base and to hear what they are doing at their sites and if they have made new friendships with the people they work alongside. These reflections bring the work we do back on campus and bring life to the attendance log including all 46 sites.

Reflection in the SPUD Office

After one more class and some time for homework, I was excited to get off campus to go to my second SPUD site, the Nativity School. Last year, I worked with a member of the Mveng class who is now in the sixth grade, and this year, I am working with a member of the Grande class who is in fifth grade.

This past summer, I was fortunate to work at Nativity through the SPUD Summer Internship Program. Nativity has an extended school year, so for three weeks in July, students come to school for Summer of Service. The school day comprises of math, reading, and service learning classes in the morning and then off campus service site visits in the afternoon.

I worked with the sixth grade during the morning and then a group of fifth, sixth, and seventh graders in the afternoon. I loved getting to know all of the students and am grateful that I get to continue working with them throughout the school year. The faculty, administrators, and fellows taught me so much about what it means to be a teacher, the inner-workings of a school, and the importance of dedication to one’s mission statement.

Nativity’s strong community stems from the dedication all members have to the four pillars: strength, scholarship, character, and service, and I am grateful to be part of it.

Evening Study at Nativity

Day at Doherty

Today, I started my morning with observations at Doherty Memorial High School with my two supervising practitioners, Mrs. O’Leary and Mrs. Razzaq. I will be taking over Mrs. O’Leary’s Honors Pre-Calculus class and Mrs. Razzaq’s English Language Learner (ELL) Geometry and College Prep Geometry classes.

Mrs. O’Leary is starting to implement more technology into her classroom, so we focused on helping students set up online accounts so that they could then complete assignments online and receive instant results. Although we were running around a lot, helping different students, I enjoyed it because I finally got to get to know my future students better by working with them one-on-one.

Since I have been working with Mrs. Razzaq since last year, I have taken a more active role this year in the classroom. I am constantly walking around, helping students who are struggling with concepts. I’m happy to say I think I have finally learned all of the students’ names in her ELL Geometry class, but I still need to work on learning the names of her College Prep Geometry class of thirty students.

I am so excited to be at Doherty in the Spring and am so lucky to have such amazing and supportive supervising practitioners.

Doherty Memorial High School

After observations, I went straight to class and then office hours for help on my problem set with Ally. She is at Sullivan Middle School this year and knew as soon as she saw me that today was my day for observations thanks to my work outfit!

Ally and Me Post Math Office Hours

After my busy day of observations and school, I was excited to get off campus to tutor my Montserrat professor’s daughter. I love being able to get off campus and to feel like I’m at home when home is so far away in Florida. We always make sure to get homework done while also having a good time. I also love getting to catch up with my professor each week. Our Montserrat class became a tight-knit group that is still friends today.

Tutoring Off Campus
Astrid Showing Off Her Wig for Halloween

After tutoring, I went straight to the gym to work out, so I was excited when I got back to campus to make a quick dinner: pasta and brussel sprouts.


A Day in the Life of Kate

Hi everyone! In addition to being in the Teacher Education Program, I am also a Math major and plan to teach high school math. I’m placed at Doherty Memorial High School for my student teaching and am so excited to be at Doherty full time in the Spring but am enjoying my last semester of classes at Holy Cross right now.

Today, like any day, was definitely busy. It started off with my alarm ringing at 6:30 am, so I could make it to Shrewsbury in time for Orangetheory. Once I got there, I was happy to see some of my friends from Holy Cross were there, including my friend, Meg, who I met on my Spring Break Immersion trip to Chicago last year. If you are considering SBIP, I would highly recommend it. I met some of my closest friends on the trip and learned so much about social justice in context.

Spring Break Immersion Group

After working out, I ran a few errands and made it back to campus for Topics in Geometry. It’s a requirement for TEP Math students, so it’s nice because I have class with both Kat and Ally. We’ve been on the same track with classes throughout our four years and have done our observation hours together, making it feel like we are in a cohort. This year, we are all at different schools and therefore aren’t as attached at the hip anymore, so I was excited today when I got to drop Kat off at Burncoat Middle School for her observation hours in between classes today.

Dropping Kat off at Burncoat Middle School

After classes, I had my bi-weekly meeting with one of the chaplains on campus, Marty Kelly. I am the lead intern for Student Programs for Urban Development (SPUD), and he is the adviser to SPUD. Marty is our biggest supporter and helps us maintain our relationships with our community partners.

Campion House

Fittingly, after my meeting with Marty, I headed straight to one of the SPUD sites I volunteer at, Boys & Girls Club (BGC), with two of my friends. We work in the Homework Help Room and strive to make it a place where students can get their work done and receive support.

After our two hours at BGC, Deirdre and I had a nice and quiet dinner of Chinese takeout and realized how much work we should have done over break!

Dinner with Deirdre

What makes me HAPPY as a college student

Jailene’s Fourth Blog!

Me time!

I like to spend my “me time” at the gym, going for walks, kickboxing, and cooking! But, this is gonna be different for everyone 🙂

I love to cook, so I made my roommates TACOS!
My favorite “me-time” activity

Time with my pups

Yes. This is a necessity for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My favorite person (Yes, Tug is a person)
We love watching sports together #GoPats
Cuddles with Marshall, doesn’t get better than this!




Taking time for myself and spending time with my pups are activities that help me relax while I am in school.  I always make time for this in order to de-stress.

During busy times of the semester, it can be hard to justify doing things make you happy. It is OK to take a break from doing homework and studying! It is important to remember that you deserve the best and you deserve to be happy!

Image result for you is important

People who have inspired me!

Jailene’s third blog!

As mentioned in my previous blog, I am extremely lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Every person that I have interacted with in my life has impacted my life in a certain way. So, for today, I wanted to talk a bit about the people who have influenced me the most!

My sissy!

My sister, Dayannara, has influenced my life in hundreds of different ways. She is just a couple years older than me and has graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), graduated from Air Force ROTC, and has competed in several body building competitions! She is currently living in Arizona working as an airplane mechanic, getting her masters from Columbia University, as well as continuing her journey in the body building world!

I get to look up to such an extraordinary person who has already accomplished so much. She is so much more than just a sister; she is my biggest supporter, my best friend, and my idol. In my education experience, she always encouraged me to try my best and to never give up (sappy, but true!). I am grateful for the amount of love and encouragement that my sister provides.

Always there for me <3
Graduating from Air Force!


The rest of my family!

I have the most incredible and supportive family. Everyone has taught me something different that I have carried with me through my educational experience!

Love you guys! (Dad, mom, sister, me, and brother)
My dad is the funniest person I know. He has taught me to always smile and not take life so seriously (this is our Belichick face)
Being the youngest sister is the best, I get to look up to two incredible women!

Besides family…

I have had amazing teachers in my experience at Worcester Public Schools. At first, I thought I was just inspired to do well in school. However, they actually inspired me to be just like them and become a teacher!

Be thankful for those people in your life who encourage you to go above and beyond! You are NEVER alone.

Who is someone that has inspired your life?


Here are a few of my favorite things!

Jailene’s second blog!

Hey guys! So I just wanna clear up any misconceptions about college. Some people think (myself included freshmen year), that you cannot have a life outside of school, going to classes, doing homework, etc. If you manage your time correctly, you can have time to do so many things, here are some of my favorites!

Gym! Gym! GYM!

If you read my previous blog, you may realize that going to the gym is my passion. This is something that I genuinely enjoy and make time for every single day. I love going in the mornings because that is when I feel like I get in the best workout. When I started at Holy Cross, I stopped going to the gym because I convinced myself that I did not have time for it (such a mistake!). If you plan out your day and do not procrastinate (this is hard, I know), I promise you will have time for anything that you enjoy doing!

This was a picture I took this morning of my gym in Worcester. Perks of going early, its empty!

So, I love food. I love watching people make food, I love making food, I love eating food, and the list goes on. When I have free time, I love to make food for my family, my friends and myself. This year I am living with three of my good friends, we occasionally have roommate dinners and I make the food!

I love to cook, but oatmeal will always have my heart. Peanut butter oatmeal, protein oatmeal or regular oatmeal!
Friends and Family <3

I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Making time to talk to my friends and family makes my day easier and happier.

Best friends since middle school! Always good to catch up 🙂
My mom only allows me to take pictures of us if there’s a ridiculous filter
Even just doing homework with friends can be relaxing!

My point of all this is, if you are a college student or working professional, you have time to do the things that make you happy! One thing that I learned over the past three years is that life does not have to be as serious as you think. If you like to draw, then draw! If you like to dance, then dance! Always make time for things that will make you happy 🙂

Jailene’s Day in the Life as a Student Teacher!

Welcome to Blog 1 of Jailene Muñoz

Hey everyone! I am super excited (and kinda nervous) to take over the blog this week! I hope you guys enjoy my daily updates and how I live my life as a soon-to-be student teacher 🙂

I started my day at 5:30am to go to the gym (I forgot to take pictures, I must have been too tired!). I had a good one hour and thirty minute workout for biceps and chest, and no, I did not do cardio because I was not in the mood (hahaha).

I went back to school, ate my oatmeal with peanut butter (my favorite food of all time), showered, and got ready for my day. Super excited, can’t you tell?!? (I definitely stole this pose from Maureen, check out her blog!)

Mondays are my favorite because I get to observe my future classroom and I don’t have classes, woo hoo!

I had office hours at 9:30, but while I was waiting I decided to get some work done at the MRC (multimedia resource center)!

Empty MRC, time to focus!

After office hours, I was off to Burncoat High School to observe the class that I will be student teaching at next semester! Burnout High is very similar to the high school that I attended (Worcester North High), so its nice that it’s not too different! I am interested in teaching at Worcester Public Schools, so Burncoat is the perfect place to start my journey in teaching!

My soon-to-be classroom! (Peep the ceiling)
Bioribel and me observing our Spanish Class at Burncoat High School. Our classes are right next to eachother!
The agenda of my class 🙂
After tutoring, I got to go home!

Being from Worcester has its perks, like going home to visit my parents!

With the best dad ever and my little boy, Marshall!!
Even brought my roommate (Laura) over to see the fam! (I think they like her more than me)
My Favorite Part of the Day, Kickboxing!!

I try to go kickboxing 5 days out of the week, unfortunately when I am busy with school work or dealing with my back injury it doesn’t always happen 🙁

I had extra time today, so I went from 7:30-8:30p.m! I love my Team Link family!

Teacher by day, boxer by night!
Post-training (with the shirt I stole from my sister, #Muñoz)


Day In The Life: Friends, Food, Free Books • SPUD EDITION!!

TEP Blog Takeover (Week 1 Day 4)

Happy “Friday Junior!”

After a week of rainy weather, the sun finally came out!☼
After work from 8:30-12, I met up with friends for lunch. Then, I edited my resume in the library for a workshop next week.
The history department always has free books for us– I always grab ones that look interesting or I could use for my new class!
After a meeting with my professor, I ran into my friend, Tara, in Hogan. I voted for the Spring Concert 2019 genre!


I am so excited to share about my SPUD (Student Programs for Urban Development) site, Ascension After School Program. The students, grades 1-6, go to Union Hill School and are so filled with life, love, and energy. This program truly gave me the confidence to change my major and affirm that I wanted to be a teacher. I have been going to this site weekly from 3-5 PM for four years now. We spend the first half of the afternoon playing with the kids in free time. Then, we work on homework together. Sister Pat, who runs the program, was actually my dad’s first grade teacher☺

After SPUD. . .

Pasta dish recipe: Broccoli, kale, olive oil, spinach, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, onion, garlic, garlic powder, dash of salt, pepper.

College Day in the Life + Apartment Tour!

TEP Blog Takeover (Week 1 Day 3)

Happy hump day! Here was today’s schedule:

9:00 AM: Pre-Practicum– Today, we learned about an active learning strategy, Four Corners. We discussed an article on the Finnish education system and compared it to ours. When I saw that my professor made my class cookies, I knew it was going to be an awesome day!

The cookies were SOO good.

10:00 AM: 20th Century America– We submitted hard copies of our 5-7 page papers on the Redemption era and continued our discussion on the Gilded Age.

11:00-1:30: Black Biographies Seminar– In class, we learned about Marcus Garvey’s life. Then, we made Jamaican patties for lunch! My professor always makes us food because our class is during lunch time– it’s the best.

Here are the Jamaican patties cooking during class!

2:00-3:15: Urban Education– We learned about what solidarity means.

After classes, I met my younger sister, Catherine, at the gym to go for a run. Then, I did homework at Starbucks with a friend.

Apartment Tour!

I also wanted to show you my room and what my apartment looks like! Here are some pictures.

Here is what our living room looks like. We are ready for fall!
This is what my side of the bedroom looks like!
Here’s the view overlooking the city from my bedroom window. It’s so beautiful!

In addition to my bedroom and our living room/dining area, my three roommates and I also have a full kitchen (with a dishwasher, fridge, and sink), a bathroom, and a shower.

Pro-Tip: You can tell how long it is going to take you to get to school when you live on city-side of the building. This video shows how you can see the traffic on the major highway, Interstate 290, that takes you across Worcester. It’s great!