Hannah’s Monday!!

Hi everyone, my name is Hannah Trueman and I am taking over the blog this week!! I am a senior English major in the Teacher Education Program.

Every Monday, Maureen, Ally and I observe at Sullivan Middle School, where we will be student teaching next semester. I have been observing Mrs. Foley’s 7th grade ELA classes, which I will be taking over next semester.  Today, I observed a seminar class, an ELA class, and we ended up leaving a little earlier today because all of our teachers had  prep periods at the end of the day.

Mrs. Foley’s Classroom

After I got back from Sullivan, I went for a run around the neighborhoods off campus.  This is always one of my favorite parts of my day!! I try to run off campus as much as I can, especially before it gets too cold and the ground is covered in snow…which will be very soon.

My run down Hampton Street

After my run, I had a quick turn around time to get up to the Hart pool where I am a lifeguard. I lifeguard at the pool three times a week for two hours at a time.

Swim team practice

After my shift, I went home to make myself a quick dinner before I had to meet with a group for our presentation tomorrow. We met in Hogan at Cool Beans to make our Powerpoint on The Masque of Blackness for our Renaissance Marvels and Monsters course. Now, I am sitting in Dinand working on finishing all my homework for my three classes tomorrow…



Hey everyone!

Finally the weekend:) Today is a pretty lazy, rainy Saturday but at least I get to check in with all of you!

Last night was the Senior Ball, which is essentially a dinner and dance for the graduating seniors  held at the DCU center in Worcester.  It was a blast and a great opportunity to get dressed up(I spent all day getting ready haha) and have a good night with friends.   It was definitely special for all the seniors to be gathered in one place for an EXTRAVAGANT night before we all part ways in the spring.


It was overall a great night and I was so happy I was able to spend this night with fellow TEP seniors as well!  Please enjoy these dapper pictures of us 🙂


From left: Me, Hannah, Kat and Kate
Jailene and I 🙂
Maureen and I:)
And found my fellow SPUD people:)

Such great memories:) Thanks for hanging out with me this week!  This was such a great experience and caused me to realize the importance of taking the time to reflect on all of our daily accomplishments and experiences because we have a lot of them and its good to take a few moments to appreciate 🙂


Hi again!

Another jam packed day of activities!

I started off by going to the gym and then to all my classes for the day!

On Thursdays I volunteer at Assumption Mentoring Center in Worcester through SPUD (student planning in urban development) at Holy Cross for children ages 5-13.  We are matched 1 on 1 with a student at the beginning of the year and stick with them throughout.  Usually we help them with homework and then hangout after by playing games or participating in some fun crafts.

Driving to SPUD!
This is a super out-dated picture of me at SPUD about three years ago, but of course I forgot to take a picture today so just wanted to give you guys an idea!

After I got back from mentoring, I did some homework for awhile, ate a quick dinner by myself 🙁 and then went to a meeting for SPUD with my fellow SPUD interns!

Me and the other interns at our weekly meeting!


Another super exciting day, I know… BUT I promise my next post will be much more entertaining as all of the seniors and I have an exciting weekend coming up! Stay tuned:)