Stasia’s Blog Takeover! Thursday Edition

Hello everyone! I’ve really been enjoying writing for the blog:)

Welcome to my Resident Assistant extravaganza blog!

Today I did so much that related to the RA role, which is a HUGE part of my student experience on the hill. So I thought it would be a fun way to let you in on my experience:)

After my classes and work today, I met up with a fellow RA to conduct our Health and Safety inspections! Essentially, we just go into the rooms and make sure there aren’t any prohibited items for policy violations. I got the chance to chat with many of my residents and get a peek at how they decided to decorate their rooms!

I then decided to use my time to craft my next bulletin board (it will be spooky!). It’s one of my favorite parts of the position; being able to get creative and make the hall feel more homey and fun! As I was wrapping up with that, I made cookies to have with me on duty to give to residents (and lure them into the staff office to build connections!).

Then the most ~exciting~ part of my night came: being on duty!

RA Stasia on Duty!

Though that was sarcasm, I really do enjoy being a presence in Figge. It is really nice to greet residents as they’re entering or leaving the building (plus having the cookies means they’re more receptive to want to come in for a chat)! I was fortunate enough to have been able to see many residents; I even got 17 people to come in for a cookie and to chat (not like I’m counting…). The building had no issues and I was able to have a really fun time!

Exciting Teaching News!

Some fun and exciting news I received today is that I am on track to become a substitute teacher in the Worcester Public Schools! I have previously been able to sub in the Oxford Public Schools, however, being able to work in Worcester would benefit my current observations and future student teaching so much. Hopefully I will be in the schools by the end of the month!

That’s All For Today!

Today was a shorter post! Thanks for coming on the journey with me so far this week:)

Tune in Sunday for my last blog!

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