Monday + Tuesday


Happy Tuesday everyone! This week has been a crazy one for sure! Yesterday my supervising practitioner was out so I had to teach all 4 of her classes. We were doing MCAS review on the chrombooks and my students did pretty well with it! After school I went to Trader Joe’s to get some food the week (Trader Joe’s frozen foods are a life saver while student teaching fyi). When I got home I had some time to relax and get stuff ready for school the next day. Last night was also Bachelor Monday so I had to dedicate 2 hours of my night to watching it. (Sorry Monday is lacking photos I’m not good at remembering to take them)

I love Pilot Pete with all my heart

Today when I got to school I was surprised to learn that my supervising practitioner was out again today so I had to teach all 4 classes. Luckily, I have first block free so I had time to make worksheets. Today we started a new topic in our proportions unit of solving proportions using the “is-of” method. It went really well and my students picked it up right away!

All four of my classes went smoothly and got through everything we needed to! After school I stayed after with two students. They wanted some extra practice with solving inequalities and needed help figuring out when to flip the inequality sign when solving. I re-taught them the rules and the ideas behind inequalities then we took the time to do some practice problems. By the end of the hour they were getting all the questions right and had a better grasp on the concept!

My classroom
Note sheet I made my students who needed help with inequalities

I came back to campus after school and was greeted by my roommate watching the news. It is great to live with another person in TEP as they truly get what you are going through (and it is nice to be awake with someone else at 5:30am).

Carley watching the news about coronavirus

To end my day, my roommates and I will be watching the season finale of the Bachelor (Team Madi or Team Hannah Ann?). Check back to the blog tomorrow to see how I feel about the ending!

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