Roxana Ruiz’s Monday: Post Plans and a Busy Day

I enjoy a cup of coffee and look into the sunny Hoval as I write emails.

              It’s the first day back from October break and the rhythm of academic days are in full swing. I do not have classes on Mondays, but it always surprises me how, if I do not pause for a minute of reflection, time becomes a blur. I usually spend the second day of the week, besides writing essays and doing reading assignments, in meetings and doing other miscellaneous duties that I cannot do on other days due to classes. 

              Today, Holy Cross hosted a graduate service fair day, which meant that I spent a large amount of time reflecting upon my plans and thinking about what I hope to do after graduation this upcoming spring. For an hour or so in the morning, I gathered questions that I planned to ask to the ambassadors of programs or admission counselors so that I can better compose my applications and discern the programs that would be an ideal fit for me.

After asking an hour of questions, the time comes to pack up the graduate service fair.

Later on in the afternoon before the service fair, I met individually with one of the ambassadors of a teaching fellowship program I am looking into and confirmed the program as a priority of attention. I have newfound motivation for making the most of my class observations this fall so that I may know if I want to teach middle or high school for the next two years. After the service fair, I was reminded of the blessings of education and opportunities that Holy Cross has granted me. 

              The great pause in my day and constant keeper of my demeanor despite the hectic two weeks of midterms I have ahead of me is the Holy Mass. In these sacred thirty to forty minutes, I recognize that above all, I can handle anything in Christ, especially in midterm week(s). Moreover, I realize that I am called to serve selflessly and fully integrated in what I do, as a student and future religion teacher. As a student or any busy person, it is always good to step back and ask oneself, “what keeps me going and what’s my goal?”

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