Roxana Ruiz’s Wednesday: Meaningful Pauses

                 Senior Portraits! I cannot believe three years have gone by already. In this academic year, I have finally seen how much I have grown academically, mentally and spiritually. Compared to the writing during senior in high school, my articulation has improved substantially in college. My perseverance and self-awareness enhanced. I am more informed of Catholicism,  and the beauty of living and sharing the faith. 


Light setup for senior portraits

                  Taking my senior portrait this morning provided a moment of gratifying contemplation on my time here on  “The Hill. ” Such reflection also gives me insight into the community I had been apart of— which I will visualize with the 2020 yearbook— and will join as an alumna. I am thankful for the friendships, shared events, resources of Holy Cross and even the rigor of professors. 


Father Monning giving a talk on “Evangelization and the Three Spiritual Keys”

The topic of recognizing friendship at Holy Cross also came up in today’s talk in a recognized student organization I am part of called Society of Saints Peter and Paul. One spiritual key in “Evangelization and the Three Spiritual Keys” is evangelizing through friendship.  Friendships, especially the divine ones, help one navigate through life and come to encounter God through the fruits of care, concern, patience and love shared between the persons.These types of friendships especially have added to my Holy Cross experience and holistic growth as a Christian woman. 
            Reflections (meaningful pauses) like these need to be savored because, generally, they can help oneself truly realize what the college journey entails and motivate one to persevere in order to deliver the best work and self. I hope and suggest that my fellow classmates stop to see the little and big moments as they also navigate through this week and midterms. 


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