Happy Wednesday!


Wow this week has already been crazy, and we are only half way through it.

On Tuesday, I had my first observation.  I taught a lesson to my Algebra II Honors 6th period class.  The lesson was about Function Composition.  I’m not going to lie, I got pretty nervous right before it.  But, I am happy to say, that it was smooth sailing!  One observation done, many more to go.

Today was much more relaxing, with the stress of my observation gone.  As we are winding down the week and gearing towards February break, the units in each of my classes are also coming to an end as well.  Today consisted of designing many review sheets and quizzes for the end of the week.  2 more days!

After work, I came home and immediately got to correcting.

necessary mid-afternoon caffeine and some Geometry correcting

As of now, I do not mind correcting.  But get back to me in a few weeks and I’m sure I will have a very different perspective.

My day ended with me attending my roommate Grace’s performance in the Vagina Monologues.  It was such a great performance, and a wonderful way to end my night.

proud roomie!

Rumor has it, we might have a snow day or delay tomorrow.  Only time will tell!

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