Sunday! Teacher Style

Teachers don’t lie….Sundays definitely are for prep and lesson planning;)

I started out my morning going on a nice long, relaxing run at the gym!

Then I went out to brunch to eat and get some lesson planning done of course!

Hannah, Kate and I all had productive mornings filled with coffee and lesson planning!

Afterwards I went shopping at target and could not resist all the sales on classroom supplies! Everything was color coded:)

For the most part I just worked on my plans and activities for this upcoming week and finalized the students’ exam on two-step equations for Monday (they are going to be thrilled!).

The best part of the day was a snow day being announced early for Monday!  So now a three day weekend which called for a movie night with my roommate Maya!

Legally Blonde of course!

Signing off of the blog this week, it was great catching up with you guys!  Until next time:)

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