Happy Tuesday! Today was a busy day for sure. First I began by waking up at the usual 5:45 am since I have to be at Burncoat Middle School by 7 am. In the beginning of the semester waking up early was tough, but it is definitely getting easier. First period of the day Tracy, my Supervising Practioner, and I have prep time. It is nice to be able to spend some time each morning reviewing what we would like the classes to look like.

prep time in the library at Burncoat

I am currently teaching two 8th grade PreAlgebra classes, and will eventually also take over the 7th grade PreAlgebra. After a few hours of teaching, Tracy and I get to each lunch around 12 and then finish the day with department meetings.

Today I also stayed after school to work with students who needed to retake quizzes or needed help finishing the homework for the night.

time to do some work!
my classroom!

I then headed to starbucks for a few hours to finish up some work for my Practicum class tomorrow.

After doing work, I headed home to workout and watch the Bachelor (my guilty pleasure). To finish up my Tuesday, I headed to Cold Stone and treated myself to some ice cream. Can’t wait for another busy day tomorrow!

sometimes you gotta treat yo self

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