Suzanne’s Sunday :)

Hello and welcome to my first blog post!!

After a long week of being the only students on campus, the weekend came at the perfect time. This weekend was perfect for catching up on some much needed sleep. I spent most of it watching the new show on ABC “A Million Little Things.” If you are looking for a new highly emotional tv show to watch, I would recommend!!

This morning before heading to Dinand, Kate and I decided to make a trip to a local donut shop called Rocco’s. This is not an ordinary donut shop and requires a pretty serious commitment to donuts.

The flavors we decided on were nutella, fruity pebbles, and a cinnamon roll.  Personally, my favorite was the cinnamon roll only because the nutella was a bit much. Pro-tip: bringing donuts to Dinand has a 100% chance of improving your library experience!!

We spent the majority of the day lesson planning, and ran into fellow TEPers Hannah and Kat at the printers. I successfully lesson planned for the upcoming week. Currently, I am teaching Of Mice and Men to my period one freshmen class, and A Thousand Splendid Suns to my senior class. I had a good time finding some fun resources to use throughout the week!

At about 5:00 Kate and I made a trip to Whole Foods to stock up on groceries for the week. We then proceeded to run into at least 10 people that we know, from Doherty, Nativity, home, and Holy Cross 🙂

When I got home the first of my roommates was finally back from Spring Break, so I spent some time catching up with Emily who just got back from a week in Punta Cana. Now it is officially time for bed before an early wake-up tomorrow.

p.s not ready for the spring ahead morning darkness at 6 am!!

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