Hello all!  My name is Carley Stebbins.  I am a senior Math major in the TEP (one of four).  I’m so excited to share my week with all of you.

Today was a typical Monday for me.  I started the day with my two math classes- Real Analysis (with fellow TEPers Ty and Victoria) and Dynamical Systems.  I then spent a few hours in the Science Library preparing for a test I have on Wednesday.

This afternoon I headed over to Burncoat High School, where I will be student teaching next semester!  I met with the head of Burncoat’s Theatre Department to discuss how I can get involved in their shows next semester.  So hopefully my blog post in 2020 will feature some work with that!

I then ended my day with my yoga class followed by rehearsal for Fools on the Hill, the acapella group I am in on campus.

“Act natural” -Mishie Macy

Our rehearsals are always fun and a good way to end a long Monday.  Also, Fools will be be performing on Thursday at Cool Beans, so don’t miss it!

That’s all for now! I have to be at Burncoat for first period tomorrow, so it will be an early morning.  Can’t wait to catch you all up on the rest of my week!

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