Hello friends!

I am very happy and well-rested right now because its…. SPRING BREAK! A little break from student-teaching is always nice and necessary. Here is what I did for the weekend of my first Spring Break as a teacher!

My best friend Carolina came up from New York to visit for the weekend! So of course, we had to get Thai food!
Headed to Mohegan Sun with the girls to watch an MMA fight! We all met at boxing 😀
The arena!
I was even able to stop by Holy Cross and catch up with a couple alums who were visiting for the weekend!
Last but not least, ice skating! Always grateful to have someone tie my skates

This weekend was amazing and taking a break from lesson planning was necessary. I think it is important to remember that even the best teachers have a life outside of school. Finding time for friends and family is the most important thing to remember!

Have a good break y’all!

Student teaching… day before break!

Hola Amigos!

I am very excited because… it is the final day before break! Although I have only been student-teaching for a few weeks, I think a break is necessary. Teaching is a very time consuming job… when I am not teaching, I am lesson planning, and when I am not lesson planning, I am thinking about teaching! I have even had a few dreams about delivering lessons!

Here is the run down of the day:

Color wars at Burncoat High… the seniors went all out!
Had a little break in the day to go to an interview for a teaching position! #Adulting
Came back to Burncoat just in time to teach my last two periods of the day!

The day before break was exciting for all students and teachers! The students attended a pep rally the last period of the day to show their school spirit… Now off to break!





Valentine’s Day- Teacher Edition

Feliz día de San Valentín! (Happy Valentines Day!)

Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays! I just love the concept of letting everyone you care about know that you love them <3

Here is how I am spending my Valentine’s Day, as a teacher!

Woke up to a clean car (from the snow last night) and a little gift from my Valentine on my windshield wipers!
Beautiful view making my way into Burncoat High School!
Slow day during office duty… time to work on this blog!
Me pretending to be okay after Ms. Castillo told me she has not read my blog
Valentine’s Day tradition… get mama some flowers!


All in all, I could say that this Valentine’s was one for the books! I asked my students what they had planned for Valentine’s Day… majority of students said their plan was to sleep!

Whether you spent time with loved ones or slept through this special day, hope you had a good one!


Snow Day as a Student-Teacher

Bienvenidos amigos!

Its that time of the year for delays and snow days! We have been pretty lucky since we have not yet had a full week of school. Last week, we had two snow days and a delay… I am not complaining! As much as I love my students, it is  nice to sleep in and spend extra time with friends and family… Here was how I spent my snow day!

Me when Worcester Public Schools announced a snow day yesterday!


Getting an early start to the gym before the storm!
Post-gym, featuring protein shakes
Homemade lunch with dad!
Baking with a friend… Rolling up the cookies!
Smiling because… cookies.
Pro tip- Double the amount of chocolate chips in the recipe

Overall, I had a relaxing day! Other than going to the gym and eating, I was also able to lesson plan, nap, watch The Office, and… eat more food! It has been an easy start to the week… let’s see how the rest of the week plays out!


Welcome to Jailene’s student teaching!

Bienvenidos amigos!

This semester has been very different from my previous semester! I am so busy, but enjoying every second of it 😀

SO, I commute everyday to Burncoat High School, no longer do I live at Holy Cross! I am taking over Spanish classes for the wonderful Señora Suarez.

Here is the run down on my typical day as a Student-Teacher:
Coffee #1! Messy room and funny mugs!

In my last blog, I talked about my gym routine every morning at 5:30am…. not anymore!

LARGE coffee #2… At Burncoat High School!


Welcome to Spirit week! (Semana del Espíritu Escolar)
Post-gym session cuddles with my favorite man, Marshall!
Favorite part of the day…. food!

Overall, I had the typical busy day at Burncoat High School (hence the lack of pictures during the day). However, I did not have my typical Monday department meetings, so I was able to enjoy my time at the gym, with family and cook a yummy dinner!






What makes me HAPPY as a college student

Jailene’s Fourth Blog!

Me time!

I like to spend my “me time” at the gym, going for walks, kickboxing, and cooking! But, this is gonna be different for everyone 🙂

I love to cook, so I made my roommates TACOS!
My favorite “me-time” activity

Time with my pups

Yes. This is a necessity for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My favorite person (Yes, Tug is a person)
We love watching sports together #GoPats
Cuddles with Marshall, doesn’t get better than this!




Taking time for myself and spending time with my pups are activities that help me relax while I am in school.  I always make time for this in order to de-stress.

During busy times of the semester, it can be hard to justify doing things make you happy. It is OK to take a break from doing homework and studying! It is important to remember that you deserve the best and you deserve to be happy!

Image result for you is important

People who have inspired me!

Jailene’s third blog!

As mentioned in my previous blog, I am extremely lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Every person that I have interacted with in my life has impacted my life in a certain way. So, for today, I wanted to talk a bit about the people who have influenced me the most!

My sissy!

My sister, Dayannara, has influenced my life in hundreds of different ways. She is just a couple years older than me and has graduated from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), graduated from Air Force ROTC, and has competed in several body building competitions! She is currently living in Arizona working as an airplane mechanic, getting her masters from Columbia University, as well as continuing her journey in the body building world!

I get to look up to such an extraordinary person who has already accomplished so much. She is so much more than just a sister; she is my biggest supporter, my best friend, and my idol. In my education experience, she always encouraged me to try my best and to never give up (sappy, but true!). I am grateful for the amount of love and encouragement that my sister provides.

Always there for me <3
Graduating from Air Force!


The rest of my family!

I have the most incredible and supportive family. Everyone has taught me something different that I have carried with me through my educational experience!

Love you guys! (Dad, mom, sister, me, and brother)
My dad is the funniest person I know. He has taught me to always smile and not take life so seriously (this is our Belichick face)
Being the youngest sister is the best, I get to look up to two incredible women!

Besides family…

I have had amazing teachers in my experience at Worcester Public Schools. At first, I thought I was just inspired to do well in school. However, they actually inspired me to be just like them and become a teacher!

Be thankful for those people in your life who encourage you to go above and beyond! You are NEVER alone.

Who is someone that has inspired your life?


Here are a few of my favorite things!

Jailene’s second blog!

Hey guys! So I just wanna clear up any misconceptions about college. Some people think (myself included freshmen year), that you cannot have a life outside of school, going to classes, doing homework, etc. If you manage your time correctly, you can have time to do so many things, here are some of my favorites!

Gym! Gym! GYM!

If you read my previous blog, you may realize that going to the gym is my passion. This is something that I genuinely enjoy and make time for every single day. I love going in the mornings because that is when I feel like I get in the best workout. When I started at Holy Cross, I stopped going to the gym because I convinced myself that I did not have time for it (such a mistake!). If you plan out your day and do not procrastinate (this is hard, I know), I promise you will have time for anything that you enjoy doing!

This was a picture I took this morning of my gym in Worcester. Perks of going early, its empty!

So, I love food. I love watching people make food, I love making food, I love eating food, and the list goes on. When I have free time, I love to make food for my family, my friends and myself. This year I am living with three of my good friends, we occasionally have roommate dinners and I make the food!

I love to cook, but oatmeal will always have my heart. Peanut butter oatmeal, protein oatmeal or regular oatmeal!
Friends and Family <3

I am so lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Making time to talk to my friends and family makes my day easier and happier.

Best friends since middle school! Always good to catch up 🙂
My mom only allows me to take pictures of us if there’s a ridiculous filter
Even just doing homework with friends can be relaxing!

My point of all this is, if you are a college student or working professional, you have time to do the things that make you happy! One thing that I learned over the past three years is that life does not have to be as serious as you think. If you like to draw, then draw! If you like to dance, then dance! Always make time for things that will make you happy 🙂

Jailene’s Day in the Life as a Student Teacher!

Welcome to Blog 1 of Jailene Muñoz

Hey everyone! I am super excited (and kinda nervous) to take over the blog this week! I hope you guys enjoy my daily updates and how I live my life as a soon-to-be student teacher 🙂

I started my day at 5:30am to go to the gym (I forgot to take pictures, I must have been too tired!). I had a good one hour and thirty minute workout for biceps and chest, and no, I did not do cardio because I was not in the mood (hahaha).

I went back to school, ate my oatmeal with peanut butter (my favorite food of all time), showered, and got ready for my day. Super excited, can’t you tell?!? (I definitely stole this pose from Maureen, check out her blog!)

Mondays are my favorite because I get to observe my future classroom and I don’t have classes, woo hoo!

I had office hours at 9:30, but while I was waiting I decided to get some work done at the MRC (multimedia resource center)!

Empty MRC, time to focus!

After office hours, I was off to Burncoat High School to observe the class that I will be student teaching at next semester! Burnout High is very similar to the high school that I attended (Worcester North High), so its nice that it’s not too different! I am interested in teaching at Worcester Public Schools, so Burncoat is the perfect place to start my journey in teaching!

My soon-to-be classroom! (Peep the ceiling)
Bioribel and me observing our Spanish Class at Burncoat High School. Our classes are right next to eachother!
The agenda of my class 🙂
After tutoring, I got to go home!

Being from Worcester has its perks, like going home to visit my parents!

With the best dad ever and my little boy, Marshall!!
Even brought my roommate (Laura) over to see the fam! (I think they like her more than me)
My Favorite Part of the Day, Kickboxing!!

I try to go kickboxing 5 days out of the week, unfortunately when I am busy with school work or dealing with my back injury it doesn’t always happen 🙁

I had extra time today, so I went from 7:30-8:30p.m! I love my Team Link family!

Teacher by day, boxer by night!
Post-training (with the shirt I stole from my sister, #Muñoz)